Transforming Relationships with Money: Vicki O’s Unique Coaching Methodology

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Time For Change

As the owner and founder of Vicki O Ltd, I have for 15 years made it my life’s mission to help as many people as possible overcome their limiting money beliefs, become empowered to make strong financial decisions, create wealth for themselves and their businesses, and never be left financially vulnerable.

I do this by coaching and consulting, using proven tools that form my own unique methodology, of Psychology, systems and strategy.

I work with teams in a corporate environment, one to one with private clients, and offer tailor-made talks and bespoke workshops too.

Everyone deserves money; but they also deserve to understand and enjoy it; and my promise when I came to this work was to help as many people as possible achieve that understanding and enjoyment.

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Vicki O – Money Mastery Coach & Consultant