3-FPM is abbreviation of 3-Flurophenmetrazole. It is a synthetic stimulant that belongs to the phenyl morpholine class of drug. As compared to amphetamine, it produces more stimulatory effects. This new research chemical is a derivative of phenmetrazine that particularly interacts with neurotransmitters release and functioning in the brain cells.


3-Flurophenmetrazole affects the levels of serotonin, dopamine, catecholamine, and norepinephrine in the brain. 3-FPM research chemical acts as a stimulant of these neurotransmitters by increasing their concentration at synaptic cleft by reversing monoamine transporters. The effects on serotonin transporter are particularly less as compared to the other three. By this activity, 3-Flurophenmetrazole produces the symptoms of euphoria along with stimulating effects.

3-fluorophenmetrazole is a whitish or yellowish crystal that is present in pills, powder, and crystals. It can be ingested through oral passage by mixing with drinks and food items. The combination of drugs with alcohol and other beverages is highly dangerous as it can cause toxicity, get more information here Buyetizolamvendor.online. Through smoking, bombing, and insufflation drug can be drawn into the nasal pathway.

Chemical Formulae

During the 1950s, 3-Flurophenmetrazole was clinically used as an anorectic in Europe. This bath salt drug is designed to treat ameliorate drug dependence and obesity and appeared as research chemical or legal highs in 2014. 3-FPM is a synthetic drug of amphetamine class with the difference in fluorine atom at R3 of phenyl ring along with morpholine ring. At R2 position, 3-Flurophenmetrazine have an oxygen group that is linked with terminal amine by an ethyl chain. That’s why it is called a fluorinated derivative of phenmetrazine.   The chemical composition of this bath salt drug is C11H14FNO.


The effects of the drug upon intake results in the stimulation due to dopamine and serotonin. The results depend upon the potency, amount, and duration of the 3-Fluorophenmetrazine. Some of the effects are following

  • 3-FPM is a stimulant like MDMA, cocaine, and amphetamine, but the effects are moderately or mildly energetic as compared to them.
  • This legal high act as a stamina enhancement, increased heart rate, and increased perspiration.
  • As 3-FPM is the activator of serotonin and dopamine, it increases the libido. By producing aphrodisiac activity, it enhances sex drive and improve sexual performance.
  • Other effects of 3-Flurophenmetrazine are intellectual ecstasy, character inflation, enthusiasm enhancement, focus enhancement, thought acceleration, and increased music perception.

Side Effects

The side effect of every research chemical appears with the continuous overdose of the drug. 3-FPM is mild as compared to other drugs, but it produces certain side effects when taken into large amounts. Some of the effects are following

  • With the more accumulation of nor-adrenaline, 3-FPM increases the heart rate by vasoconstriction resulting in abnormal heartbeat. It causes appetite suppression, dehydration, frequent urination, dry mouth, teeth grinding, and anxiety. Check this link right here now to buy Ethylone for sale.
  • The aftereffects of the 3-FPM occur at its peak as compared to initial stimulation. They include anxiety, cognitive fatigue, irritability, motivation suppression, wakefulness, depression, and thought braking.

Street Names

3-Flurophenmetrazole is a bath salt drug that is used to stimulate the body and treat obesity. The street drug list has common names 3-FPM, PAL-593, and 3-FPH that is known as 3F-Phenmetrazine.