5 Keys To Choose Your Implantologist


The implantology has become an essential specialty in the dental clinic. Implants are the best option to replace lost parts. They can be placed in the majority of patients who have already finished their growth.

Implantology is booming, and we can see information about implants in television, online and press ads. The implantology offer is extensive and any patient may have doubts about the ideal clinic in which to place implants.

We show you a quick guide to not fail.

 How to properly choose an implantologist?

  1. It is desirable for an implantologist to be a specialist, that is, only to place implants. This way you make sure that an implantologist will always have more experience than a general dentist who occasionally places implants.
  2. The implantologist should explain very well to the patient the steps to follow during the whole processfrom the moment the implants are placed until the parts are already replaced. You should explain the possible risks and complications and also explain the solutions to the different problems that arise.
  3. At the chosen dental clinic, you should be given a closed budgetfor all the treatment, including the placement of implants, the placement of parts on the implants, the x-rays necessary to perform the treatment and the provisional prostheses if necessary. That is, a closed budget of the entire treatment.
  4. Be waryof a dental clinic if you are given a budget without having done at least one panoramic x-ray. The diagnosis of a case is the most important and must be done by the implantologist who will perform the dental implants.
  5. We know that an implant treatment is expensive, but that is also because the material needed to place them and the implant itself is also. That is why it can also be thought that the clinic that has the most attractive economic offer may be using the most economical materials and therefore of less quality and with more risk of treatment failure.
  6. If you follow these tips, you will surely choose your ideal clinicin which to perform an implant treatment.

If you follow these tips, you will surely choose your ideal dental clinic in your area in which to perform an implant treatment.