Cannabis Strains to Stretch Your Yoga Session

Cannabis Strains to Stretch Your Yoga Session

A practice that can build your strength and flexibility, yoga is one of the most effective forms of exercise. However, yoga requires you to be in the right mental space for maximum benefit, and if you struggle to reach that space, you might not be able to get what you need from your practice.

Fortunately, there is a solution that is as ancient and powerful as yoga itself: cannabis. Yogis have been combining pot and practice for centuries, as both cannabis and yoga are important to physical, emotional and spiritual growth. If you are interested in getting high and practicing yoga, here are the best strains to look for in dispensaries near you:

Northern Lights

One of the most ubiquitous cannabis strains, Northern Lights is beloved for its mellow effects that relieve pain, relax the muscles and provide a slight but noticeable enhancement to mood. Though high doses of Northern Lights can leave you feeling sleepy, lower doses will keep you content and focused on your yoga practice.

Super Lemon Haze

If you are an experienced cannabis consumer and a practiced yogi, you might be looking for a stronger strain — in which case Super Lemon Haze is your best bet. This sativa provides uplifting and energizing effects that will keep your body and mind active, so you can enjoy a much longer and more productive session.

Granddaddy Purple

Granddaddy Purple gets its name from its beautiful purple leaves and buds, which according to lore indicates an intensely potent pot plant. In truth, Granddaddy Purple is a strong indica that improves focus and sociability, making it a good choice for yogis who practice in a group and need help paying attention to their movements.

Lamb’s Bread

One of the most difficult strains to find, Lamb’s Bread was beloved by Bob Marley for its ability to stimulate his creativity while providing relaxation and stress relief. Many yogis creating their own flows appreciate a boost to creative inspiration, and Lamb’s Bread — also sometimes called Lamb’s Breath — does just that.


A strain that tastes like fruity candy, Zkittlez is an indica that nevertheless provides a mild energy boost. The result is a relaxed and focused state that doesn’t weigh down the body or cloud the mind — a perfect combination of effects for high yogis.


For the yoga session that is much more active, concerned with increasing the heart rate and building strength, Jazz is the best possible strain. Unlike other strains on this list, Jazz is intensely energizing and euphoric, and the effects are best tempered by intense physical activity.

Night Queen

Night Queen was bred to be a therapeutic strain for sufferers of chronic pain and insomnia, but the strain is equally applicable in yoga practice. Some of the primary effects of the strain are intense introspection and elastic body high, which can help yogis stay longer in deep stretches while they explore their physical and emotional sensations.

Lilac Diesel

Though not as famous as some of the other strains on this list, Lilac Diesel could be the most elegantly balanced offering — making it perfect for a yogi looking for equal amounts of relaxation and invigoration. With genes from some of the best strains of all time, Lilac Diesel is primed to become a modern classic in the cannabis community.


Can’t Find Any of These Strains?

Your first step to finding these strains is to find a high-quality dispensary near you, perhaps using a tool like Weedmaps: You can narrow your search to find dispensaries offering products with a particular strain, but if you are unable to find any of the above strains in your area, your local pot shops likely still have something that can boost your yoga practice. During your dispensary visit, you can talk to budtenders about what you need in a strain, and they should be able to point you toward a product that suits your needs.

Both yoga and cannabis can be important tools in helping you relax and build strength. By using the right strains before, during and after your session, you can go deeper into your practice to become a better yogi inside and out.