Criteria to Choose the Best Hair Transplant Clinic in India

Criteria to Choose the Best Hair Transplant Clinic in India

India the land of unity in diversity is known throughout the world for its cultural and geographical diversity. Millions of tourists travel from all across the globe to experience the adventure offered by the Himalayas and the serenity offered by the beaches of Goa or Kerala. However, another area where India is famous amongst the tourists is medical tourism. Thanks to low cost and high quality treatment options available in India. The same has now extended to hair transplant also. Hair transplant in India has sprouted in last decade or so both on the demand and the supply side. The procedure is widespread in use simply because it is the only permanent solution to deal with hair loss and is safe and complication free if performed by a reputed surgeon at a reputed clinic.

Hair transplant is a scantily invasive surgical procedure where in hair grafts from the donor areas are extracted and transplanted at the target bald sites. The roots in the donor areas are permanent in nature, i.e the hair coming out of such follicles are permanent and thus, when transplanted at the bald site, these roots offer hair which are not lost permanently. Hair transplant, however is an aesthetic and very fine surgical procedure any carelessness could lead to damage to hair follicles or visible scarring or ugly appearing results. Hence, one should alwaystry to find the best hair transplant clinic in India and not fall prey to commercial establishments that offer low cost treatment by easily compromising on the safety and quality of treatment.

Below we mention somebroad criteria that should be considered to choose the best hair transplant clinic in India:

  1. Location of the Clinic: Clinics in major cities or the hubs of hair transplant i.e New Delhi and Jaipur are better suited than those located in remote corner of the country to perform authentic and safe treatment,
  2. Reputation: It is an essential feature to verify before visiting any clinic because it is symbolic of past patients’ satisfaction in terms of treatment and attitude of the clinic towards the patients., Can be done by going through testimonials, feedbacks and/or contacting the past patients
  3. Profile of the Surgeon: A clinic is as good as the surgeon practicing in the clinic because at the end of the day, he/she is the person operating on you. So, a strong academic profile of the surgeon ensures better diagnostic abilities, technique knowledge, complication handling etc.
  4. Experience: The clinic should have reasonable experience in terms of number of patients dealt with and the number of years since establishment. This indicates that the clinic has handled enough patients to understand the diversity of the cases, would have established procedures, a trained team, better processes and thus, could plan the treatment efficiently.
  5. Established procedures & treatment planning: A good clinic will have well laid out procedures, treatment guidelines, hygiene standards and a well-trained team to follow through. In any surgical procedure these factors enable a hassle free procedure and act as a strong support for the surgeon so that he/she can focus on the key work.
  6. Technology Enabled: As we write this article, there is a technological advancement happening in labs world-wide in each field. Each of these advancements are aimed to improve the results, reduce the bottlenecks and make the procedure easier than how it is presently. Technology has an adaptive intelligence built into it over years of analysis. So, any clinic that relies to leverage on technology can aid the surgeon to deliver better outcomes.
  7. Cost and Quality combination: Hair transplant in India is a fairly economical procedure when it comes to cost. Given the quality of treatment available, the cost is only 20-25% of the cost in the US, UK or UAE. Hence, a good clinic would always guide you towards a cost and quality combination instead of purely making empty commitments to you simply by selling lowest cost treatment. Such clinics are not safe.
  8. Surgeon owned clinic: Is always preferable over branded clinics because these ensure more transparency in terms of past results plus continuity of treatment is easy if you have to consult only one surgeon as compared to multiple surgeons that you will encounter at branded clinics.

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