Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Today, one of the best tooth replacement options for lost teeth is the dental implant. Dental implant or implantology is the result of the latest research and technologies in the world. Inserting a dental implant in the jaw is not a difficult treatment and has no side effects. According to North York Dental Implants Center, dental implants play the same role as the patient’s main teeth for the rest of his/her life. Among the various tooth root replacement methods, dental implants are the best option because they include both the root and the tooth’s crown. The implant consists of narrow pins, made of compatible pure titanium and placed inside the jawbone.

Types of dental implants

The first question that comes to the patient’s mind is which type of implant is better. There are different types of dental implants, including Korean dental implants, American implants, sic implants, and so on. The dentist’s skill in implant treatment is very important and necessary.

Who can use dental implants?

Dental implants are a good option for:

– People who want to have teeth that are very similar to natural teeth

– People who have removable dentures that cannot chew easily

– Those who have lost their teeth and do not want to have removable dentures

– Those who need a bridge (fixed prosthesis) but do not want healthy teeth adjacent to the missing tooth to be shaved.

– People who have lost their teeth for various reasons such as tooth decay, gum disease, trauma, fractures, and accidents, etc.

The appropriate age for dental implant placement

It should be said that the dental implant should be performed when the person’s maxillofacial development is completed. In general, a dental implant patient should be at least 17 or 18 years old.

The lifespan of the dental implant

Dental implants will last a lifetime. Some people have dental implants for 20 years or more. It should be noted that the patient should practice good oral hygiene to have a durable dental implant. S/he should follow the dentist’s instructions and take care of his or her new teeth as their natural teeth.

 In what cases a dental implant is used!?

– When there is a gap between the front teeth due to a missing tooth in the case that the adjacent teeth are normal

– When there is space between teeth because of loss of one or more teeth in the case that adjacent teeth are normal

– If some teeth are missing in each arch and the teeth at one side of the mouth are healthy

– If all the teeth of one or both jaws are missing

– If only one tooth is missing

Benefits of Dental Implants over Other Dental Replacement options

Most dental implants are the first choice and standard treatment for missing teeth and are preferred to other treatments because:

– It works in many ways, similar to natural and healthy teeth.

– It is a long-lasting solution

– There is no need for being supported by other teeth

– It protects healthy teeth.

– You can talk easily after the dental implant procedure.

– You will no longer suffer from tooth decay.