How to Choose a Rehab Clinic?

How to Choose a Rehab Clinic?

Finding the right rehab clinic gives you the best chance of successful recovery. But how do you pick a good one?

There are lots of things that put people off reaching out for help for an addiction. There’s a stigma surrounding going to rehab, especially here in the UK. There are other drawbacks, like how much it costs and what therapy styles are used. When you have never been to a rehab clinic before, it’s all a bit overwhelming. All you can do is read up on it before you make your decision. We imagine that’s how you found your way to us.

Here are a few things to think about before you rush off and book the nearest rehab clinic to you. The nearest is not always guaranteed to be the best for you, so let’s talk it out.

Consideration to Make When Choosing a Rehab Clinic

Here are points to think about before you book your clinic. They can be costly and they don’t always give refunds, so check before you book. We suggest using a rehab selection service like Help4Addiction, since they will narrow down the best options for you based on your answer to the questions they ask you.

1 – How Many Therapy Sessions Do You Get?

This is a great starting point. The higher the number of one-on-one and group therapy sessions included in your rehab stay, the better you get to tackle those inner demons that caused you to become addicted. The better you tackle those, the better your chances of a successful recovery. You ought to have 3+ group sessions and 1+ individual sessions per week in rehab.

2 – Is It a Residential Clinic?

Some rehab clinics are open through the day, letting you juggle responsibilities with recovering. Some rehab clinics are full time, meaning you stay in the rehab clinic for the duration of your course. Some rehab clinics are semi-residential, where you stay in a hotel and travel to the clinic. Decide what suits you best before you sign up.

3 – Is it Budget or Luxury?

It may be a mid-range clinic, it may be a high-end one, but make sure you match your clinic to your budget so you’re not left feeling let down. If you are attending rehab through the NHS you will be in a budget private facility, probably sharing a room.

3 Things You Should Consider Before Choosing A Drug Rehab Facility

4 – What Workshops do they have?

Workshops are an important part of your rehab stay. They take place after detox and fill up time around your therapy sessions. Some clinics focus on confidence building, some on getting back to work, others on learning entirely new skills. Find subjects that suit you so that you’re not bored. If you get bored, your cravings come to the surface.

5 – Aftercare?

When you finish rehab and return to the real world, you will need support. Rehab clinics often give aftercare packages with their treatment plans, since these can attract clients. Aftercare usually involves ongoing internet or telephone support.

Other Considerations in Rehab Clinic

Don’t forget to find out what the holistic treatments are. It may be a great opportunity to relax.