How to Find the Best Facelift Surgery in Beverly Hills

How to Find the Best Facelift Surgery in Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills is world-renowned for its expensive mansions, opulent private estates, many of which seem to appear magically from hillsides, and proximity to the glitz and glamour of Hollywood.

So, what happens when you need facelift surgery in Beverly Hills? Fortunately, there are many plastic surgery options in the Beverly Hills and Los Angeles areas. In fact, Beverly Hills boasts one of the highest concentrations of plastic surgeons to residents in the U.S.​​

But how do you choose the right plastic surgeon for you? Facelift surgery is a delicate and intricate surgery, and it requires just as much artistic skill as it does medical and scientific knowledge and experience.

With so many facial specialists and plastic surgeons in the area, it is important to ask the right questions and do your homework to find the person you trust with your facelift results.

What Qualities Make the Best Facelift Surgeon in Beverly Hills?

If you live in or near Beverly Hills, you might have access to “insider information” regarding the top plastic surgeons in the area. Since plastic surgery is generally well-accepted and anticipated in this area, you may already have a lot of references you can ask regarding top plastic surgeons.  For example, the owner of the day spa you visit may “know a guy” that offers facelift surgery with a great track record in Beverly Hills.

However, even if you don’t have any reputable references, you can still find the right plastic surgeon for you by doing some research.

1. Check the Plastic Surgeon’s Board Certification

Plastic surgeons are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS). To achieve this sought-after certification, surgeons are required to have undergone years of education, training, and plastic surgery-centered fellowships. They are also tested on their knowledge as well as their ethical standards.

Board certifications must be renewed every 10 years to ensure the surgeon is continuing to improve their practice.

2. Check the Plastic Surgeon’s Training

Much like any specialty, where a person is educated and trained matters. Did they go to a reputable medical school? Are they knowledgeable and specialized in the type of surgery you are looking for? Will they know how to address potential complications during the procedure, should any arise?

3. View the Plastic Surgeon’s Before and After Photos

You are choosing facelift surgery to improve your visible aesthetics. Therefore, the best way to judge a surgeon is to judge their previous work. Any reputable surgeon will be happy to provide you with before and after photos of their previous patients.

Look at these images to decide if the results you see are the results you want for yourself.

Facelift Plastic Surgeon in Beverly Hills | Dr. Renato Calabria

4. Read Online Reviews and Testimonials

While it is smart to read online reviews with some degree of skepticism, they are a powerful and valuable tool, as they give you insight into other patients’ experiences.

In addition to online reviews, see what types of awards and recognitions your surgeon has received.

5. Interview the Plastic Surgeon to See If They Pass the Comfort Test

Even a highly trained and skilled plastic surgeon may not be right for you if you do not trust and feel comfortable with them. No one can tell you what traits and aspects are going to make you feel assured. This is something you have to decide when speaking with your potential facelift surgeon. You are entrusting this person with your results and safety. Make sure you feel emotionally comfortable with this decision.

Is Your Surgeon Right for Your Facelift?

Choosing the best plastic surgery in Beverly Hills is a matter of researching the surgeon’s reputation. If you put the time in, you are sure to find the right surgeon for you.