How to Get in Shape for Your Next MMA Competition

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As you probably know, mixed martial arts are demanding on the body. Therefore, the athletes you see, not the TV screen, are almost sculpted by the gods. They are among the fittest, in terms of overall condition, and the healthiest people you’re likely to find. Each MMA fight is intense and requires both strength and endurance to survive. If you want to win rather than survive, you need to push even harder. So how do you get in shape for your next MMA competition? Here’s some advice!


Some people enter the world of MMA and assume that it’s all about physical strength. They spend day after day lifting weights and punching bags. In reality, you’re going to need lots of cardiovascular endurance. Professional MMA stars will tell you that nothing can happen without this foundation. All combat sports need cardiovascular endurance, so get some trainers on and start running. While training, get to the point where you can run up to five miles comfortably. If you can’t run, you won’t have the endurance to go the distance in an MMA competition.


Some people will be surprised to learn that it’s not all about lifting weights, and this next suggestion will echo the sentiments of the first. The benefit of swimming is that you get some muscular endurance mixed in with the cardio workout. Many MMA fighters suffering from injuries have taken to the pool in the past because there’s very little impact on the body. You may overcome back or knee problems in the pool.

Flexibility Training

As well as cardio endurance, you’re also going to need flexibility in an MMA competition. Again, it seems counter-intuitive, but professional MMA fighters will get in shape for competitions and fights with stretching regimes. You don’t need to put on some tight spandex and attend a yoga session, but you should stretch frequently. Every day, get into the habit of stretching to relax the muscles and keep injuries at bay. If possible, find friends and family to stretch with to make it more interesting. You can also check out online training classes, like those offered by ​​, to become even more versatile in body movement and flexible training.

Strength Training

Finally, the advice that everybody has been waiting for – strength training. Once you have a foundation of fitness and flexibility, you’re ready to attack the gym. Suppose you can’t afford a strength and conditioning coach, research workouts and regimes online. Your strength will come in handy when it’s time to grapple, pull people to the ground, and get control of the fight. To stave off boredom, change your workouts frequently and exercise with others. You may enjoy kettlebell sessions, resistance band training, bodyweight classes, or something else entirely. Perform strength training a couple of times a week as you get closer to the MMA competition.

Hydration and Diet

If you want to get in shape for your next MMA competition, it’s not all about exercise; you also need to eat well and stay hydrated. As the old saying goes, you can’t work off a bad diet. If you feed your body junk food, your performance will reflect this when entering an MMA competition. At the same time, don’t make the mistake of following a one-size-fits-all plan. Instead, learn the nutritional needs of your body and create a diet around these needs. The better you meet your body’s needs, the more effective your performance (regardless of which sport you choose!). To finish, all athletes need to stay hydrated to assist all bodily functions and systems. Keep a bottle of water with you, and you’ll subconsciously drink all day.