How to Prevent Drug or Alcohol Addiction?

How to Prevent Drug or Alcohol Addiction?

Once a person has become dependent on drugs or alcohol and experiences cravings which he is not able to resist then he may call a drug or alcohol addict. It is hard to pinpoint the exact moment when a person becomes an addict because in the initial phases he may lose his control but not be aware of it. He will still tell his friends that there is nothing to worry about and that everything is under control. But what he does not realise is that the drug has already taken charge of him without him knowing. It will only be after a couple of days that the person may feel like he wants to gain the same ‘high’ again. This craving he will be unable to resist which plays a very important part about how his life will turn out to be. This instance of saying yes to drugs will cost him his peace, money and happiness altogether.

There are a number of ways to prevent a person from getting addicted. As we all know it that prevention is always better than cure but prevention for drug or alcohol addiction has not been done the right way. Most awareness campaigns focus on the fact that doing hard core drugs is life threatening or that addiction is the path away from success. They mostly use similar tactics such as these which instil fear among youngsters only. And fear is not the way forward but the way backwards. This prevention through instilling fear amongst teenager merely makes them want to try it. The first time a person explores the world around is when he is a teenager.  He is curious to know the world and pursues to enjoy it as well. If to such a curious mind one tells to not do something, that person is sure to try it out in secrecy.  The rebellious ones also partake in such activities without caring for the consequences because they know that fear is something that cannot hold them back from new experiences.

We can completely reverse alcohol dependence'

The Right Way

Instead to using a tactic almost every other institute uses which has had no success in the past whatsoever, there should be focus on educating individuals instead of making them fearful of a substance. Education is without doubt the key to prevent youngsters from turning into drug addicts and causing harm to themselves and their families too. Awareness through education will tell them about the reasons people do drugs, how it becomes an addiction, what happens in a life of a drug addict, how detox works, what are the benefits of joining a rehabilitation centre and if all addicts successfully cure a one hundred percent after therapy. Everything should be taught in detail with experts available for further questioning as well. The individual should be left to think for themselves because we should trust them to be reasonable and rational in their approach towards life. By believing that individuals can make the best choices for themselves we are actually enabling them to never try drugs. The little freedom we bestow them plays a vital role because no one wants to deliberately ruin his life, and no one would want to look like an idiot ruing his life because he was informed accurately of the consequences of his actions.

How to Seek Help if Things go out of Hand

Without a second thought you should connect yourself with a detox centre if you have lost control over your consumption and need to change your life around. Detox Connecticut offers detoxification services for drug or alcohol addiction.