Innovative Approach To Make Your Eyelashes Thicker!

Eyelashes Thicker

Ever heard of “Generic Latisse” and wondered what is it? Beauty products users must be aware that it is an innovation on the beauty industry arena. It is designed for those who struggle with poor eye lashes, be it thin or short. The components of “Generic Latisse” by their action, activate the hair follicles, thus enhancing their length, thickness and even color. It is of paramount importance to note that “Generic Latisse” has been tested by doctors and thus it is recommended by dedicated specialists, yet users are advised to consult a therapist before using the product, in case you have any kind of special eye condition.

Having the green light to use “Generic Latisse”, let’s take a view at the pros and cons for using this product.
Pros: it brings outstanding results in up to two weeks, it is harmless, not only it enhances the growth of your eyelashes, it also makes them darker.

Cons: the only negative fact we can identify in using Generic Latisse is the fact that for a lasting effect it has to be used continuously or at least intermittently, due to natural regeneration processes of the eye lashes.

 Eyelashes Thicker
Hence, if you are part of the group of people who struggle with poor lashes, consider the above said and get your own “Generic Latisse” for setting up the issue of your lashes once and for all. All you ought to do, is introduce “Generic Latisse” into your daily beauty routine and enjoy the marvelous effects “Generic Latisse” brings in no time. It is totally worth being used regularly or at least worth trying. Yet, once tested, many skip the mascara for “Generic Latisse”, given that it is harmless and much easier to use.