New to the Gym? 6 Tips for Buying Athletic Wear for Guys

New to the Gym? 6 Tips for Buying Athletic Wear for Guys

When looking to purchase the best gym attire available, you will find that not all athletic wear is made equally. Some pieces have been geared toward fashion and trends and are generally simple wear layers. Other activewear has been manufactured with unique fabric technology to help encourage the best performance from your fitness routine. Exercising or moving about in the wrong athletic apparel can affect your workout.

What To Look for in Athletic Wear

The great news is that you have tons of options. Athletic wear has become a huge industry, and more people than ever are engaging in a healthy, active lifestyle. There are so many different kinds of workout apparel that it can be confusing to decide which ones to choose. Even mens tank tops have emerged as sophisticated foundation staples for building a great workout wardrobe.

Fit and comfort should be at the top of your list when buying athletic wear for guys. If you’re feeling an itch or the material is too tight or too heavy or doesn’t offer the proper coverage, for example, you’re going to have a miserable time exercising. Here are six tips on getting it right before you head to the gym.

1. Consider the Materials

Finding the right fabric is key, and you want a material that is durable and can be laundered easily and often. You will notice that most athletic wear is made from a variety of fabrics and blends. In choosing sweatpants, tees, tanks, hoodies and more, both synthetic blends and sustainable blends offer exceptional features for the active man.

Materials with stretch such as spandex are important for a workout because they will help deliver a full range of motion and maintain the integrity of the garment. Other fabrics add support to a workout piece along with compression, and some hug the physique for a sleek fit and appearance. In addition, high-tech innovations enable workout gear to wick away moisture, provide built-in sun protection and block odors.

2. Consider the Activity

Here is another essential to think about before buying athletic wear for guys. What kind of activity will you be doing? In other words, is your activewear sport-specific, for example? There’s no doubt that you want to look good and that the athletic items you’re wearing are comfy. However, is the sportswear appropriate for the activity you’re engaging in?

Sweats are one of the most popular pieces of workout gear and offer versatility. The finest mens performance joggers are constructed from premium poly spandex with a four-way stretch. These joggers are excellent gym staples for light to moderate exercise; they move with you and provide superb breathability and moisture-wicking properties. The comfortable joggers feature an elastic waistband and come with zippered pockets for security and convenience.

For outdoor activity, merino wool is a favorite layering fabric known for its warmth, flexibility and softness.

Maybe you’re into intense cardio workouts like boxing. You will want to wear athletic attire that features moisture-wicking and loose-fitting fabric for comfort and coolness. Boxing wear should also allow for free movement but also be secure enough to remain in place as you punch and shift direction.

3. Choose the Right Sportswear

Your athletic wear should always be functional and give you the confidence to perform at your best. Just because a certain activewear garment is a trendy item doesn’t mean that it will work for you. It may look very attractive but not offer the practicality needed for training.

Take, for instance, the t-shirt — one of the most iconic foundation layers of athletic wear or casual clothing. A super, slim-fitting tee may enhance your muscle definition, but when it comes to working out, your range of motion may be affected.

The best performance crew neck tees for guys will feature that fab blend of polyester, spandex and lyocell that offers incredible comfort, breathability, movement and advanced anti-odor elements. The regular cut of the tee offers a classic fit for plenty of movement and flexibility.

4. Choose the Right Size

The wrong size athletic wear can come about through an error in the purchase, repeated washing and drying or weight gain. Proper sizing is important for good performance and comfort. Again, knowing what physical activity the garment will be used for can help you decide what you need. A cyclist would usually prefer a more supportive garment in a t-shirt as opposed to someone in the gym using free weights. That t-shirt would be best cut in a looser fit.

5. Personalize Your Purchase

One way to allow your activewear to make a good personal impression is by purchasing high-quality fabrics and designs tailored for men. Buying from brands that believe in the ethical sourcing of materials and the artisans who create these garments is another aspect that gives meaning to your choice of athletic wear. When you appear at the gym in athletic pieces that fit well and allow you to perform at your optimum and express your unique style, your clothing is making an impact and enhancing your personality.

6. Think About Your Style


Great-looking athletic wear goes beautifully with fashionable daywear, and the two can blend seamlessly. Handsome fitness performance garments can be worn as daywear because the pieces are well-made and stylish. Color, texture and fabric choice can all add amazing refinement to your wardrobe. Today’s athletic clothing is on a sophisticated new level and made for all-season wear no matter what Mother Nature throws your way.

Apparel That Keeps You Moving and Looking Your Finest

Today’s athletic garments can perfectly adapt to the modern man’s individual lifestyle, body type and sense of fashion. Build an athletic wear wardrobe that empowers you to be your most confident self.