Raising Awareness About Ovarian Cancer

Raising Awareness About Ovarian Cancer

A Cancer’s Stage Indicates How Much Cancer Is Present In The Body

While September is not the official month for awareness of ovarian cancer women of all ages should be aware of the condition. This is correct… females of all age groups. Cancer’s stage indicates how big it is and whether it has spread. Ovarian cancer is divided into four phases. Under a microscope, the grade indicates how aberrant the cells appear. Doctors will try to determine if ovarian cancer has spread and, if so, how far it has progressed after a woman is diagnosed. This is referred to as staging. Cancer’s stage refers to how much cancer is present in the body. The doctor will use the grades and Stages of Ovarian Cancer to determine the required treatment.

Why should awareness about ovarian cancer matter to women who aren’t yet of the age at that there is a higher chance of developing cancer? It’s because, firstly, there are premenopausal women who have ovarian cancer even though it isn’t as prevalent. Additionally, by having proper knowledge about ovarian cancer young women can make lifestyle changes that can reduce the chance of contracting the disease at some point in time.

Preventative Measures to Lower Chance of Getting the Disease

What are the things that need to be taken into consideration in the context of the awareness of ovarian cancer? First, the key element in comprehensive ovarian cancer awareness is the preventative measures that women can adopt to lower their chance of getting the disease. The preventative measures include having children in the 20s or breastfeeding or using birth control medications, staying away from applying talcum powder to oneself and while changing a baby’s diaper, and taking a healthy and balanced diet, with an appropriate amount of saturated fats as well as dairy products. Women at higher risk of developing the disease should consider having their ovaries removed, or having a hysterectomy when they are older.

September Is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month: Risk Factors: Garden OB/GYN:  Obstetrics

Educating Women on the Symptoms Associated With the Disease

The next issue is the awareness of ovarian cancer. This involves educating women on the symptoms associated with the disease. The symptoms include abdominal pain and urinary incontinence at the beginning of the disease’s stages. As the disease progresses, these symptoms are likely to get worse. They may be accompanied by additional symptoms such as an increased abdomen girth and stomach disorders bleeding post-menopausal and painful sexual activity. When they recognize these symptoms, women can at least contemplate the possibility that they could be being affected by ovarian cancer.

The final aspect in educating women about ovarian cancer must include voicing the voices of those who have the condition. In the ovarian cancer awareness campaign, too much focus is put on preventing cancer or even diagnosing it that women who suffer from the disease are left out. They are encouraged to talk about their illness so that others who suffer from it can develop strategies so that they can more effectively manage being afflicted by this deadly condition.

Make a Donation to Any Awareness Cause

How can women increase awareness of ovarian cancer? It is possible to make a donation to any awareness cause and be a part of any fundraisers these organizations may be hosting. One of the most popular fundraisers is the event of a walk. Also, women who suffer from ovarian cancer may raise awareness by sharing their experiences on message boards or other websites that accept posts from people. You can also think about starting blogs or websites about her experience, so everyone can see that if you’re unfortunate enough to develop cancer, that does not mean your life will end. In the end, if the campaign to raise awareness about ovarian cancer is to succeed as it is, both those suffering from ovarian cancer as well as women who aren’t at risk must come up with ways to help these causes.