Safety in Playgrounds

Safety in Playgrounds

The playgrounds and recreational facilities located outside offer children the possibility of playing outside and making both friends and physical exercise. That is why it is important for parents to ensure that faulty facilities, unsuitable surfaces, and reckless behavior do not spoil their children’s fun.

Adults can avoid injury by ensuring that their children use park facilities appropriately and do not behave recklessly.

Children should always be under the supervision of an adult while playing in a park.

The safety of the playground facilities and the supervision of the adults who accompany the children are two extremely important factors, but this only represents half of the equation: children must know the safety measures and know how to behave responsibly in 메이저놀이터.

Teach your Children to:

  • Do not push or struggle. While playing on climbing frames, slides, seesaws, swings, or other recreational facilities they should be cautious.
  • Use the facilities correctly. We must ensure that they slide down the slide seated and feet first.
  • When they leave the recreational facilities they must be careful. Always check that there are no children in the place where they plan to land and always land with both feet.
  • Leave bicycles, backpacks, and bags away from recreational facilities. It is preferable to leave them at a certain distance from the play area so that no child trips over them and falls.
  • Never use the playground facilities when they are wet. If we see that the surfaces are wet we should not let our children use them, because they will be slippery.
  • Do not wear clothes with laces or strings. Cords, necklaces or other types of filaments can get caught in playground facilities and accidentally strangle a child.
  • Apply a sunscreen lotion when playing outside. Even on cloudy days, to avoid sunburn.
  • The safety measures that you can have with your children when visiting a playground can prevent injuries and emergency situations that turn hours of fun into very tense moments.

Child Safety: Tips to keep in Mind

Before buying any accessory for your baby you should take into account a series of basic tips to preserve the safety of the baby.

Before explaining the guidelines that you must follow for all the objects that your child has within reach, I want to tell you what I think about safety barriers and baby parks.

Both accessories are designed to create a safe play space for the child, so that for a few hours a day, the child can play without the parents having to pay attention to him.

It is essential to have a space for the intellectual and motor development of the child, since these places are the ideal place for the child to develop his learning instinct and on the other hand for the muscles to begin to take consistency and learn little by little to maintain balance as well as to coordinate your locomotor system.

Baby playgrounds is a space with variable dimensions where the child is introduced, from which he cannot leave and where the child can play or sleep without having any mishap.

Safety barriers have the function of separating the child from those areas of the house where there are objects that can endanger their physical integrity. The barriers have been designed to prevent access to a certain area, for example stairs, the kitchen, etc., by placing the barrier in the door frame.

The park is not to keep the child there for hours and hours but to spend time there playing while we rest or do other things.

It is not that the risk of contagion by coronavirus has disappeared, but after the confinement and the reduction of cases, the new normal is now established in our lives and with it that we have to recover the activities we used to do. In the case of playgrounds, they are finally reopened after three months closed, so parents who go to these with their children must follow a series of guidelines to avoid contagion or outbreaks.