Photo by Jens Lindner on Unsplash

Attractiveness is a bit different from being beautiful. If you think about it, not all beautiful people are attractive. But, some attributes make one look attractive to others. Everyone wants to be more attractive as it can open new doors. Landing the right partner(s) depends on how attractive you are. Studies also suggest that attractive people land better jobs and enjoy life more than average-looking people. Continue reading this article to learn valuable tips to be more attractive.

Take A Look: If you want to be attractive, you must be fit. You don’t have to be over-the-top beautiful to attract others’ attention. But, if you are not fit enough, people will not see you as an attractive person. The western world is at a stage where they almost celebrate obesity. America has a problem with obesity, and not everyone is willing to talk about it. Do you believe fat people look good? If you do, you are not in tune with reality.

  • Get a gym membership and work on your body. You will be more confident in your approach when you have a fit body. You may consult weight loss specialists to learn ways to reduce your body fat. Browse through the fat-to-fit transformation online and follow in their footsteps if you need inspiration. Daily yoga, jogging in the park, and freehand exercises will also help you get the desired shape.
  • Avoid junk food and oily fried food if you are wanted to see a drastic change. You may also cut sugar and carbs from your diet for the time being. Once you achieve your goal weight, you can slowly introduce healthy carbs into your diet.

Be Confident: Attractiveness does not depend solely on how you look. It is also about how you carry yourself. Your posture, eye contact, and tone of speech show how confident you are as a person. Therefore, have a good posture when you talk to people. Hunching down while speaking shows a lack of confidence; therefore, avoid bad posture when you speak. Some people tend to cross their hands in front of them; it shows defensiveness. Instead, your posture should be more open and inviting. Always have a smile on your face, as people respond more positively when you have a friendly approach.

Proper Grooming: Hair is a vital part when it comes to grooming. Who can ever forget the infamous Will Smith vs. Chris Rock moment on the Oscar stage? The reason, if you remember correctly, is a hair joke. So, it is safe to say; that everyone is sensitive when it comes to hair. Wear your heir with confidence. Regardless of your gender, you can decide to go bald if that is what you want. A bald head is way sexier than messy hair, which is hard to manage. You must also pay attention to the nails, teeth, and facial hair (for men). Grooming is more so necessary when you work in an office.

Have A Sense Of Humor: who doesn’t like a joke? If you are funny, you are in. People love to be around funny people because they love good laughter. But, while cracking jokes, you must remember not to crack jokes at others’ expense. People may laugh at your jokes, but they will start avoiding you if you roast others at every opportunity you get. Therefore, keep it light when you make jokes.