Trade shows brings members of a particular industry to showcase and discuss their latest product or services. In order to attract more people to your display booth, you need to stand out from the crowd.

That’s why staying on top of the booth design trends is of paramount essence. At ExpoMarketing, we will help you achieve perfection with any of your trade show displays.

With that in mind, here are some of the trade show marketing trends that have lit the year in 2019.

Integration of Touch Screen Technology

2019 has been a year of incredible technological advancement. That’s why it comes as no surprise to see exhibitors integrating technology into their trade show displays. One of the most common trends; is the use of touch screens.

This is a great technique that allows prospects to plunge themselves into your brand. Importantly it adds the much needed multisensory elements to your trade show display.


The Popularity of touch screens allows you to engage your audience on multiple levels. Whether your exhibit is a small or large booth, touch screen technology is an excellent way to provide a more immersive and interactive experience.

Creative Lighting Has Spruced up the Industry

Lighting is of paramount essence in trade show display as it helps to make the booths conspicuous. It makes all the difference between a booth that will attract an audience from across the trade exhibit floor and the one that repels them.

In 2019, creativity in lighting has been off the charts. Exhibitors are finding new ways to make their booths more appealing like using custom shapes, illuminating pieces of the structure and integration of backlit fabric.


At ExpoMarketing, we have kept up with these trends and can help you consider your options for creative lighting on your trade show exhibit.

Minimalist Exhibit Design

Minimalism has been one of the most popular trade show designs of 2019. This is because many consumers want to get information in a simplified manner.

Most exhibitors have adopted a clutter-free approach to graphic design and are coming up with more streamlined exhibits.

As much as you would like to fit plenty of information on your trade show booth, it can be overwhelming to your audience. That is why you need to filter your content and determine what is important.

One of the techniques that is catching up fast is the use of overhead signage. This is a great way to boost branding without cluttering the booth.

Socially-Conscious Engagement

In 2019, consumers are looking for brands that address their core beliefs. That’s why we are finding most exhibitors are choosing designs that are aligning with their brand’s identity. Importantly, this technique allows the exhibitor to incorporate their values and mission statement directly to their trade show display.

Selfie Walls and Spaces


Needless to mention, a selfie is a trend that is quite popular and it is not going away anytime soon. In 2019, exhibitors have been driving traffic to their booths by incorporating selfie spaces. Statics show most of the trade shows attendees will prefer booths with these spaces as they provide them with the opportunity to post something fun. Importantly, this technique brings brand exposure to digital space.

Final Thought

Overall, trade show booth designs are changing at a tremendous rate. That’s why you need an experienced professional like ExpoMarketing to help you with the undertaking. For years, we have created amazing trade show booths and offered customized solutions for various trade shows across the United States.