Why you Should Avoid Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Vitamins are important for the body to function well. If you will see a lot of patient in the hospital, most of their sickness has started because there body does not have a strong defense against diseases. Vitamins are essential to fight the toxins and viruses that we face every single day. One of the most important vitamins for our body is the Vitamin B12. It plays a vital role for our body to produce a healthy red blood cells. The size of red blood cells that are considered healthy must be small and round, when the body lacks vitamin B12 they become much larger, which causes it hard to flow in the person’s veins. This what doctor calls megaloblastic anemia. This sickness causes your red blood cell not to transport oxygen properly, therefore, it greatly affects how your body functions. Here, we list down some things that Vitamin B12 deficiency do in our body.

Always feel tired

Have you ever felt tired even if you’ve just wake up from your bed and sleeping for twelve hours? Then check yourself because you might be suffering from a vitamin B12 deficiency. Let me explain this further, our body uses vitamin B12 in order to properly transport oxygen on every parts. When oxygen is not provided to a particular part, you will experience tiredness or fatigue without being active physically. In 1970, the first case linked to vitamin B12 deficiency has been reported, and it has been linked until today. Plus, there are some researched that have shown, that people who experience extreme fatigue most of the time, could find a comfort by taking vitamin B12 on a regular basis. But, you should always be careful not to make a conclusion that fatigue is caused by B12. Always talk with your doctor.

Makes you forgettable

Are you being irritated by always looking for the car or house keys? Or perhaps, you just put your wallet somewhere else and you forget where you put it after some hour. Be careful because this might be also a symptom of a vitamin B12 deficiency. In fact, there are a lot of times where vitamin B12 deficiency is mostly mistaken to be an Alzheimer’s disease. In order to confirm, you could have a blood test and let your doctor do the reading for you. To know more information about this topic, check b12 deficiency signs and symptoms.