[11 Cannabis Gifts You Can Buy]

[11 Cannabis Gifts You Can Buy]

Getting the perfect gift for someone you care about can be tricky, especially if you don’t know where to start. Luckily, shopping for cannabis enthusiasts has become easier than ever.

We’ve put together a quick list of 11 great cannabis gifts you can buy.

1. Herb Guard Large Smell-Proof Case With Combination Lock

Nothing says, “I smoke weed,” like walking around reeking of herb. Make sure your friends stay stench-free with this smell-proof case, and avoid the awkward looks from strangers in public -all while keeping your Ganga safe with a combination lock!

To top things off, this case comes equipped with a built-in tray, a lock cover, and reusable travel bags.

2. SensiBox Subscription by Spiced Up

The beauty of any subscription comes from surprise every month. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! The SensiBox Subscription from Spiced Up is no exception.

Each month, you’ll receive hand-curated items any smoker will love and appreciate like a new glass piece, gear, munchies, hemp-made products, and more.

3. Levo II Infuser

Sometimes your lungs just need a break from smoking, but you need to continue taking your medicine. Challenge your gift recipient’s culinary skills with the Levo II Infuser.

This machine makes cooking with cannabis as easy as putting your ingredients in, and pressing a button. Once your oil, butter, or honey has been infused, you can use it to bake or cook anything the way you normally would!

4. 2 Strain Apothecarry Travel Case

If your stoner friend tends to appreciate the finer things in life, consider this 2 Strain Apothecary Travel Case. Each case is carefully crafted from Alderwood and stained one at a time, ensuring high quality and a unique finish.

This case isn’t just a case either. It’s odor-resistant, and comes with a removable tray, glass jars, humidity control packets, a zinc alloy grinder that is easily available online at capu.de, and more!

5. Wood Stash Box with Rolling Tray

Upgrade your friend’s cigar box with this Wood Stash Box with Rolling Tray. It’s nice to keep your stash in one place, and this wooden gem is big enough to double as a coffee table centerpiece.

Remove the lid, flip it over, and you’ve got yourself a nice rolling tray as well!

6. World’s Smallest Vacuum

If you’ve ever tried hand-rolling a doobie, you probably know how messy things can get. That all-too-familiar mess can happen even when using a rolling machine on a tray, so help your friend out with cleanup and check out the World’s Smallest Vacuum.

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7. Wake and Bake Coffee Body Scrub

We don’t recommend smoking this, but if you’d like to feel fresh before you wake and bake, this coffee body scrub with hemp oil might just be your best bet.

Kush and Cute gives you the ultimate exfoliating and hydrating experience, with all natural ingredients, so you can keep it green in more ways than one.

8. Doob Tube

You never know when you might get caught in the rain, and delicate doobies have a tendency to bend and break when tossed around inside your purse or backpack.

The Doob Tube is exactly what you need to keep your afternoon smoke safe and dry. It’s durable and airtight, so you can rest assured knowing your end-of-the-day smoke will remain intact for the long haul.

9. Smoke Eater Spray by Mold Monster

Having guests over can be pretty awkward if your house smells like smoke (or weed for that matter). Help your stoner friend’s house or car smell fresh with Smoke Eater Spray.

All you have to do is spray a generous amount to any smelly surface, and sit back as it eliminates cigarette, cigar, and cannabis smoke so you can keep your smoking habits as private as you want.

10. ‘Edibles: Small Bites for the Modern Cannabis Kitchen‘

This weed cookbook is the perfect gift to help any friend break into the art of cannabis cuisine. The cookbook features over 130 pages of recipes for both sweet and savory dishes to enjoy.

There’s no need to worry about getting in over your head either because this cookbook includes detailed information on infusing ingredients and dosage and portion control.

11. IQ2 Vaporizer by Davinci

Take your smoking experience to a whole new level with this sleek and easy-to-use vaporizer. Track your dosage amounts and recharge for your next session with ease!


If you’re new to the world of cannabis, you can access more information on getting your card and locating a dispensary near you through Veriheal’s search portal.