5 Benefits of Being a Part-Time Vegan or Vegetarian

5 Benefits of Being a Part-Time Vegan or Vegetarian

Being a full-time vegetarian or vegan can feel incredibly overwhelming. For some, the prospect of never being able to have a cheeseburger again is almost too much to handle. For others, the idea of cutting out dairy forever seems bleak, especially considering dairy alternatives like a2 milk are just too good to give up.

If you can sympathize with these sentiments, it may be worth compromising and becoming a part-time vegan or vegetarian. There are many benefits associated with this less strict lifestyle change, including the following:

 Lower Your Blood Sugar And Cholesterol

Being a vegan means avoiding any foods linked to animals. That means no dairy, no meat, no honey, and no fish or seafood. Instead, vegans opt for plant-based foods like vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, legumes, and seeds.

This diet change will have a massive impact on your health, and one of the key benefits is reduced cholesterol levels. Meat-heavy diets are rich in the kind of saturated fat that’s linked to harmful cholesterol levels. By reducing your consumption, you’ll be doing your heart a favor.

Being a part-time vegan won’t lower your cholesterol to the degree being a full-time vegan would, but it will certainly help. The best part is, you can still enjoy a taste of your favorite greasy foods from time to time.

Set Your Own Limits

In this world, many people feel the need to justify their actions to others. As a result, individuals feel enormous pressure when they label themselves a vegan or a vegetarian. You feel the need to maintain this diet for your sense of pride, and you don’t want to admit that you’re craving something “forbidden.”

Opting for a part-time vegan or vegetarian diet means you can decide what part-time means to you. If that’s being a vegan or vegetarian for two weeks out of the month, that’s okay.

You can switch it up whenever you want to because you have the freedom of choice.

Expand Your Recipe Repertoire To Include More Vegan/Vegetarian Dishes

If you challenge yourself to become a part-time vegan or vegetarian, you’ll need to learn new recipes pretty quickly. Being a vegan after being a meat-eater is a steep adjustment.

As you’re catering for specialist diets in your household, you’ll find favorite dishes you didn’t even know existed. You’ll likely love them so much that you’ll start including them in your non-vegan meals.

Do Your Bit For The Planet

Many extreme vegans or vegetarians will preach that you need to go full-time to save the planet. Giving up animal products altogether will have a tremendous impact on the environment. However, veganism can create other problems. In the end, no diet is perfect.

Being a part-time vegan or vegetarian means you’re limiting your animal product intake. If everyone could reduce their consumption like this, the planet would be in far better shape.

Save Money

Many people argue that a vegan or vegetarian diet is more expensive than an omnivorous diet. However, a new study suggests that eating as a vegan is 40% cheaper. In addition, meat and fish products are rather expensive, so by cooking instead with seasonal vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, and other plants, you’ll save money.

Give It A Go – Become A Part-Time Vegan Or Vegetarian Today

Being a part-time vegan or vegetarian is lighter on your body, heart, planet, and wallet. It’s a no-brainer. Plus, being part-time means you aren’t forcing yourself into a corner. This lifestyle change is what you make of it. So, give it a shot. You’ll feel lighter in every way.