5 Interesting Facts about Online Education

5 Interesting Facts about Online Education

There has been over 13 billion investment on the technological development on education which has revolutionalized online study.

The market value projection by the year 2026 is estimated to be over $325 billion, there has been a steady growth from 15% a decade ago to over 40%.

While at the same time the conventional education setting is recording a decline of up to 2% annually.

So, why does e-learning interest students?


This perk attracts the employees who desire to develop their career, as 95% of employees are enticed with the idea of completing a course at their own pace.

The average employee is said to only have only 24 minutes study time a week while online study takes 40-60% less employee time. Such situations may force the learner to seek professional academic services from reputable online tutors Over 44% of employees indicate a better job position an year after taking an online course and additionally getting salary increment.

The work, family and learning demand tends to be excruciating in finding a balanced life style, luckily there are tutoring professors readily available to aid working students in their academic journey.


The education investment made on traditional set up is quite high compared to online study, as students forgo such burdens as transportation, accommodation or even activity fees.

There are also free short programs offered by accredited professors from reputable institutions and verified courses costing less than $200.

These leads to an online degree program costing $50, 000 less, and further academic services at friendly price, can be sort from reputable professionals assisting students in acing their assignments.


From students plagued with disabilities or experiencing severe weather condition especially in places like Antarctica, students can easily access course work and not be afraid of missing out.

In another scenario, students from across the globe can enroll to any program suitable to them from reputable institutions.

To top it off, they can easily access the course work via mobile devices, as study shows that over 65% of American students have utilized this form to complete or access part of their course work.

Students can get in touch with homework help writers, who will evaluate their assignments and indicate areas to improve on.


The traditional classroom setting is more focused on completing the syllabus rather than aiding the student in grasping difficult concepts.

So, for the slow learners, such a set-up may not be ideal which may lead the students flanking in their exams. When you got professional academic buddies on board, that shouldn’t be you.

While online studies give the professor ample time to scrutinize each student capability and therefore package the course in a fashion which will enable them to better understand.

Especially through the video medium that is mostly preferred to text format, additionally students having a hard time tackling their academic projects can seek out custom services for consultations.


Due to the huge number of tutors globally this has led to thousands of courses offered online which guarantees that a student is likely to find a program suitable for them.

Students can find stand alone programs or in modules from beginner to expert level depending on the pupils capability.


Online education has more success percentage and will duly be a form of learning preferred by students, as study pace, cost and transport are major factors in choosing an institution.