Back Acne: 9 Tips To Get Clearer Skin

Back Acne: 9 Tips To Get Clearer Skin

Does acne on your back make every shower after a workout a nightmare? Light-weighted shirts are just the ultimate dream? Relax; you are not alone. We know that many people suffer from back acne. Read below on how to get rid of back acne and avoid new inflammations.

1.Wash Your Shower Competently

When you shower every day, pay enough attention to your back skin. Moisture and heat will help open pores and clear them of sebum. For better steam, you can even attach a hot, damp towel to your back or go to the sauna or steam bath. For washing, select:

  • Any antibacterial soap
  • Shower gel with benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid

Always shower right after you sweat well during your workout – this will leave no chance for bacteria to create a life on your skin.

2.Exfoliate Your Skin

The next important step towards a beautiful, blemish-free back is regular exfoliation. Grind coffee, a mixture of honey, and coarse salt scrub, and brush it where you can reach. Remember to do it only if there are few pimples on the skin.

Back Acne ('Bacne') 101: Types, Prevention, and Treatment | Everyday Health

If painful inflammations have already started on the back, try not to injure them once again with rough means and washcloths. Instead, wash gently with soap or use a cream-gel. Another way to get rid of more sensitive skin is to use delicate acid peels that should be applied to dry skin.

3.Use Acne Treatments

Although the skin on the back is denser than on the face, it still needs its own portion of care products. Your must-have is a good antibacterial cream with the same benzoyl peroxide. Dry the skin thoroughly and apply the cream to the inflamed areas. It is most convenient to do this before bedtime.

So wash, apply the cream, and allow the cream to be completely absorbed. Then lie down on your stomach for another 10 minutes before you go to sleep peacefully. The only caution is that benzoyl peroxide can dry out the skin a lot. In this case, try:

  • Pick up a new cream with a lower percentage of benzoyl peroxide, and leave the old one.
  • Switch to products with more delicate salicylic acid.
  • Regularly moisturize and heal dry skin with panthenol products (such as “Bepanthen”).
  • Instead of a cream, dry inflammation with the help of Darsonval – an ingenious inexpensive device that treats the skin with a weak impulse current (any cosmetologist can find such a cool thing).

4.Avoid Oily Body Lotions

Too greasy lotions with comedogenic components clog pores and lead to acne on the body. Your back is also prone to this kind of impact, so it’s best to switch to natural coconut oil or lotions.

This is one of the basics of skincare; all cosmetics must be selected, taking into account its fat content. Cosmetics designed for dry skin can harm oily skin. So if you have acne, you should opt for products designed specifically for problematic oily skin.

5.Wear Breathable Fabric

Cotton T-shirts look cool. These shirts, although they look beautiful, do not stretch and do not let your skin breathe. In such a condition, the skin sweats, creating a good place for bacteria; as a result, acne appears on the back. So if you want a back without pimples, minimize wearing fabric that does not let your skin breathe. Get good quality cotton tees for summer.

6.Avoid Drinking Alcohol

Some people think that rubbing alcohol on acne will help kill the bacteria, but no study has yet proved it. Besides, drinking alcohol may influence the development of back acne. Thus, it is better to avoid consuming it in excess quantity.

But if you are an addict to alcohol, you really need to get rid of it as it will not only lead to acne but several others diseases too. There are many programs that facilitate addicts to pay for rehab if they don’t have insurance coverage. Take support from them and get better.


A beach by the very blue sea, a lazy day in the park, or gardening during a sunny day is the perfect way to treat the problem. Your back needs to get its portion of ultraviolet radiation. The sun’s rays will help to dry out inflammation well and reduce the oil from the skin. Make sure your sunscreen is non-comedogenic so you can avoid new pimples.

8.Use Home Remedies

Here is another small selection of effective tools from the arsenal of a home first aid kit and kitchen cabinet:

Make a mask with aspirin

Powder 4-5 aspirin tablets and mix with one tablespoon of warm water and a spoonful of honey or natural yogurt. Apply a thin layer on your back, let dry, and rinse off with cool water.

Dry pimples with natural acids

Lemon juice or high-quality apple cider vinegar dries out inflammation remarkably. Apply it point-wise to problem areas for 30 minutes, and then rinse with water. However, if you have already managed to squeeze out the pimple, the acid will tingle wildly.

Use natural oils

Tea tree oil and coconut oil have strong antibacterial and antifungal properties. Rub regularly on the sore areas and get ready to admire your reflection in the mirror.

9.Don’t Try To Pop Pimples

Neither face nor back deserve such kind of brutal treatment. Even if you disinfect pimples and fingers, there is a high risk of infection. So if your hands itch, exhale, and continue to rub oils and natural acids meditatively. Besides, if a pimple is a purely cosmetic problem, then an infection brought into it can be harmful to health.

Some parts of our body (the same area around the eyes) can serve as dangerous “gates” for the spread of infection. With a weakened immune system, it can spread through the bloodstream and reach, say, the brain. Of course, this happens very rarely – but is it worth the risk and squeezing a pimple on your face?

Take Away

Back acne is quite a common problem, and it prevails, especially in summers. Thus, follow the tips mentioned in this article to get perfect and beautiful skin!