Ways to Cope With Anger

Ways to Cope With Anger

Anger is a normal human response. It can be even healthy sometimes. But at times, it can lead to embarrassment. Undue anger can affect your relationships negatively. Therefore, one needs to have control over their anger. It can occur due to various reasons. But if you are unable to take the toll of emotions and react aggressively, leading to physical altercations, you may need to talk to a therapist. If you have a complaint of anger outburst, you can visit a psychiatrist in Lahore to seek help.

In this article, we will discuss the ways that can help you in coping up with anger, things that you can do to lessen it, and eventually protect yourself from embarrassment.

Coping With Anger

 Identify Triggers

Knowing the triggers that make you angry is essential to treat it. You must know what causes you to behave aggressively. It can be anything, from traffic jams to long lines to snarky comments. However, you should not be blaming other people or circumstances for your anger. One needs to cope with difficult situations and people in their life.

When you will get to know the triggers, you may be able to help yourself. You can start your day in a unique style or you can change your routine so that you do not get exposed to the triggers. Often when you get angry in the early morning, you feel bad the whole day. Therefore, try to keep your early mornings peaceful and anger-free because, after all, anger impacts you much more than it would impact others.

Evaluate Your Anger

To treat anger, you need to evaluate it first. You need to know when and how are you getting angry. Do you get angry when you see someone else’s rights violated? Do you get angry when you see a frustrated mom beating and shouting over her little kid? Do you get angry when your partner beats you? That is all healthy anger. In these situations, the other person needs to change.

But if you get angry on petty issues like if you are unable to find your favorite outfit, or if you have to wait for your partner for some minutes while they are late, or if someone does not cook food as you like it, you may need to seek professional help. Reacting to a situation is normal, but how you do it, counts.

Recognize The Signs

Some people get angry gradually. Whereas some people may react to a situation in merely some minutes. Before you get angry, you may get some signs as your heart rate may go up, your voice may change, your face may become hot, and you may clench your fists. These signs can help you recognize your anger. As soon as they arrive, try not to speak or do something unreasonable and without thinking. At that stage, do not take immediate action. Instead, try to calm down yourself and try out reaching for solutions instead of reacting.

Step Away

Remaining in a situation that makes you angry will eventually make you angrier, especially if the audience does not understand it or keeps reacting. When a conversation is only getting heated, it is better to leave the place. Giving each other some space is a better technique to give them and yourself some time to think. In the meantime, think about why did you overreact? Or was it just a reaction? What things did you expect you did not get? When you get all the answers, you then talk to the partner you left the meeting with. Tell them you are not trying to skip the situation. Instead, you are trying to calm yourself down. When you talk after some time, you may realize that you were so rigid or rude, or you may be able to explain yourself in a better way.

 Vent Out

 If there is someone, your friend, sister, mother, or any colleague you think understands you or has a calming effect on you, talk to them. Tell them about things that make you angry. Do not heap on all the anger and negative thoughts inside yourself, as it can lead to outbursts. Talking to someone who understands you may have a positive effect on you. Vent out your thoughts to them. Sometimes they may be able to make you understand things from a different and broad perspective. However, do not vent out anger on anyone else. Instead, vent out the thoughts that are keeping you angry and frustrated.

Relaxation Techniques

It is so easy to get angry and frustrated. But it is too hard to feel relaxed and rejuvenated. You can try some relaxation techniques to keep yourself cool. Moreover, try not to overburden yourself. Many people react awkwardly because they are overstressed and overburdened. Some relaxation techniques you can do are;

  • Read a book or watch a movie.
  • Take deep breaths
  • Play chess
  • Count down
  • Go and walk around
  • Tell yourself to ‘take it easy, ‘relax’, ‘ it is okay’ and keep repeating it.
  • Stretch your body
  • Escape mentally, imagine yourself at a beautiful, serene place
  • Stop talking
  • Play or listen to some tunes


Anger can become bothersome if it gets severe, especially if you are unable to contain yourself physically. At this stage, you must seek some professional help. Try to keep your calm and get rid of anger by reacting thoughtfully to a situation. You can visit the psychiatrist in Islamabad for consultations.