Best Exercise For Quickest Weight Loss

Quickest Weight Loss

Thanks for visiting our website. As you’re reading this article, we’re assuming that you’re going through physical conditions such as obesity. Relax!! In this article, we’ll discuss the best exercise for the quickest weight loss at home.

Weight loss: Myth vs Reality

It’s time to expose some myths behind weight loss. Further, we’ll discuss the facts that speed up the process. Because no equipment, no exercise routine or diet can help you to lose weight stand alone. Either you have to make a proper balance to achieve the desired fitness goal.


Regular Exercising: When you want to see results, consistency is the key to weight loss. Consistently following a proper diet plan along with a regular fitness routine suddenly is the prescribed way to reach your fitness goal targeting weight loss. Further, it helps muscle growth and increases metabolism that burns more calories in rest, leaving your body calorie deficient.

Proper diet: Try to avoid foods that consist of low food value and don’t eat out your workout. If weight loss is your goal, try to eat leaner, raw and avoid foods containing preservatives. Don’t remain hungry either!!! Even eat foods that are high in protein and fibers. Foods high in fiber easily get digested that helps in weight loss.

Fluid: You can speed up the weight loss process by implementing a few simple tactics such as supplying proper fluids to the body. Try to intake 4 to 8 liters of plain water every day to meltdown and remain hydrated. Also, drink fluids contain high potassium and natural minerals that are proven effective in weight loss. For example, coconut water is also considered a great sports drink that is high in potassium and keeps the body hydrated that prevents sports injury.

The best exercise for quickest weight loss

High-Intensity Interval Training or

In recent times, High-intensity interval training is getting popular as a medium of weight loss among many fitness enthusiasts around the world.

HIIT burns fat by increasing metabolism or BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) by burning more calories at rest is called the after-burn effect. HIIT combines resistance training using free weights such as (dumbbell, kettlebells, or resistance bands, etc.) workout with cardiovascular exercises. Such a combination of exercise increases the rate of blood flow in muscles and involves more muscles as much as possible.  Moreover, these low intervals,  20 mins exercises are equally effective as spending 60 minutes in the gym which saves both time and money. Further, the routines are easy to follow and require minimum space.

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Losing weight is all about the combination of proper diet with exercise. Further, the workouts with higher BMR are desirable ways to lose weight in a tiny time frame at home and it is hard to find anything popular than HIIT right now. I hope you’ll find this article helpful to reach your fitness goal and keep reading our blog for more such fitness tips.