Easily Infuse CBD Into Any Recipe With CBD Sweetener

Easily Infuse CBD Into Any Recipe With CBD Sweetener

These days there is no shortage of edible products that allow you to introduce CBD into your daily life, but none are as fast-acting, high quality, and reliable as Azuca’s CBD Sugar. This high-quality CBD sweetener is made to blend seamlessly into any recipe, food, or drink with no hemp aftertaste or smell. Featuring Azuca’s patent-pending TiME INFUSION™  technology, you get a full dose of CBD relaxation power in as little as 15 minutes.

Why CBD?

Cannabidiol, more popularly referred to as CBD, is an all-natural extract derived from cannabis plants and has properties to help with feeling calm, relaxed, and rested without the psychoactive effects that other cannabis-derived products have. It allows you the best of both worlds, calm relaxation without the high. There are many modes of dosing with CBD, such as vaporizers, oils, and edibles. Until Azuca came along, most CBD edibles were unreliable, took far too long to take effect, and had a less than desirable hemp aftertaste. World-renowned chef Ron Silver combined his love for flavor, and for hemp and turned it into a company focused on high-quality, trustworthy CBD ingredients that any chef would approve of.

Flavor That Blends in, Instead Of Standing Out

As mentioned before, most CBD edibles on the market tend to have a hemp taste or smell, making a CBD experience less than discreet. With Azuca, taking a full, private and tasty dose of CBD is as simple as mixing it into any of your favorite recipes. You can use the infused CBD sweetener in any sweet treat, drink, or meal. No hemp aftertaste or smell makes it the perfect complement to any recipe you can set your mind to. Azuca also features a liquid CBD sweetener, made exclusively with cane sugar and Azuca’s signature TiME INFUSION™ method. No matter which sweetener you choose, you get a reliable, fast-acting CBD infusion at your fingertips.


Feel Relaxed Fast

Typical cannabis and CBD edibles take an hour or longer to take full effect, leaving room for error in dosage and desired experience. Azuca’s groundbreaking TiME INFUSION™ technology puts an end to the long waits and dosage guessing games. By transforming the individual CBD molecules into smaller particles, Azuca’s CBD compound is absorbed by the bloodstream at a much faster rate, and the result is a full dose of CBD within 15 minutes, with no extra effort. With such a fast-acting edible, you are in complete control of your dosage and experience.

Azuca Edibles Are A Good Fit In Any Lifestyle

Only using high-end, USA grown hemp, with Azuca you can rest assured that your CBD infused edibles are the highest quality on the market. Azuca never tests on animals, and all of their products are vegan and gluten-free. Discreetly infuse CBD at any time with the CBD sweeteners, or CBD infused dark chocolate coins. Relaxing with CBD has never been so simple, easy, and delicious. Azuca makes edibles you can trust and keeps you in control of your relaxation experience.