How to Measure the Dose of a CBD Oil

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When first starting CBD, it can be difficult getting to grips with measuring your tincture dose. There are many different CBD oil strengths on the market which can make it a little confusing to calculate your optimum dosage.

In this article, we will explain how to measure your CBD tincture dose. It is possible to achieve a specific daily dose, and it’s much easier than you probably think! Let’s simplify it…

Step 1.

How Much CBD is in my Tincture?

First of all, you need to find out how much CBD is in your tincture. Check the bottle for the milligrams (mg) of CBD and the milliliters (ml) of CBD oil. If you divide the mg of CBD by the ml of total CBD oil, then you will know how much CBD there is per ml of oil.

For instance, 1000mg of CBD divided by 30ml of oil equals 33 This tells you there is 33mg of CBD in each 1ml of oil.

From this, you can work out how much CBD there is per 0.5ml and 0.25ml of oil (or any amount, in theory).

It’s important to ensure that the CBD oil you are using is from a reputable brand – if you buy from an untrustworthy company, you can’t be sure that the CBD content listed on the bottle is truly accurate.

Dr. K CBD Oils are an excellent choice. This brand was created by a well-respected UK doctor with a huge wealth of knowledge in holistic health. He aims to make a real difference to the wellbeing of his customers with high-quality, reliable CBD infused products.

Step 2.

How Much CBD Oil Do I Need to Take?

Once you have figured out how much CBD your oil contains per 1ml, 0.5ml and 0.25ml, you can figure out how much you need to take. A full dropper of CBD oil is usually around 1ml.

If you’d prefer to measure your dose drop-by-drop, then this is also possible. 1 individual drop of oil is about 0.05ml – if you divide the amount of CBD in 1ml of oil by 20, then you will have the amount of CBD per drop. Going back to the example mentioned above, you would divide 33mg by 20 and be left with 1.6mg of CBD per drop.

Step 3.

What Should My Daily CBD Dose Be?

The best way to choose your dose is through titration. Titration is the process of starting with a low dose and gradually building this up until you reach the desired effect.

Most CBD users aim to take a daily dose of about 33mg of CBD. You can then increase this by about 5mg per week until you are satisfied that you’ve found an ideal dose.

For more detail on titration, and a guide on where you should start your titration journey, check out the Dr. K CBD Dosage Guide here.