Famous Celebrities That Have Been Caught Driving Drunk

Famous Celebrities That Have Been Caught Driving Drunk

Celebrities caught driving drunk isn’t a new occurrence, and fewer people are shocked when there’s news of a DUI. There are plenty of stars that have been caught drunk driving. Some you may know, while others may come as a total surprise. Some celebrities have been caught drunk driving to chase clout, while others have a problem. Others have been in accidents too. Your favourite star may have been caught driving while intoxicated at some point, and should consider visiting the IAMACOMEBACK website. Until that day, here are famous celebrities who have been caught driving while drunk.

Justin Bieber

Young popstar, by the time of his arrest in 2014, Justin Bieber was caught drunk driving in Miami. The popstar was arrested after the police claimed they saw Bieber street racing his yellow Lamborghini. However, when he was stopped was when it was realized he was drunk.

He failed his sobriety test after being pulled over, and he was also charged with driving without a valid license. He was also charged with resisting arrest at the same time.

Keanu Reeves

One of the top movie stars in the world of all time has also been caught driving while drunk. The leading Matrix actor was seen driving while intoxicated in Los Angeles, California, back in 1993. When he was pulled over, Reeves admitted to the officers he was driving while drunk. The officers who pulled him over claimed they stopped him after they saw him driving erratically. He avoided the charge since he admitted to the charge when pulled over.

Khloe Kardashian

The Kardashians are some of the most followed celebrities in the world today. One of them, Khloe, was arrested for DUI in 2007. She even spent a few hours in jail after her arrest – 3 hours. Khloe was later on released after the jail was overcrowded. However, later on, her sisters took some of her mugshots; framed and hanged them in their houses.

Vince Vaughn

Of the craziest mugshots you’ll find online ever is of Vince Vaughn. This mugshot was taken after a DUI charge in Los Angeles. This was after he was stopped at a police check, which resulted in his arrest. The charges included obstructing an officer on top of the public intoxication charge. This was in 2018, and in his mugshot, the star of the movie appears to be dazed and smiling.

Flo Rida

Musicians aren’t a stranger to controversy and one of the top to get arrested in Flo Rida. The rapper was charged with a DUI back in 2011 in the morning hours. This arrest was made in 2011. On top of the driving under the influence charge, he was also charged with driving with a suspended license. When he was pulled over, Flo Rida told the officers he can’t do the sobriety test. He also admitted that he had a few drinks earlier.

Don’t Get Caught Driving Drunk

Several celebrities have been caught drunk driving over the years, and your favourite may have been one of them. When stars are arrested for drunk driving, this causes a stir on social media and dominates celebrity shows. Here are some of the celebrities that have been caught driving while intoxicated.