Give Yourself Relief From Shoulder Pain Or Pain In The Facet Joint With We Care Medical

Give Yourself Relief From Shoulder Pain Or Pain In The Facet Joint With We Care Medical

Are you suffering from gnawing pain in your back, limiting your daily activities? Then you should consider finding a remedy for the same as it would only lead to increased complications if you lead it untreated.

Facet Block Injection

A facet block injection is a straightforward method that can determine the reason which is causing the pain in the back. It is very important to figure out the reason behind the occurrence of the pain before deciding on the treatment.

Potential Causes Of Pain In The Facet Joint

Following are some of the causes of behind occurrence of pain in the facet joint:

  • Traumatic injury
  • Inflammation of the hinge joint
  • Instability of joint
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Excessive pressure or impingement of the tissues of the joint

What Does a Facet Block Injection Do?

A facet block injection helps temporarily eliminate the pain through the filling of the facet joint by implementing an aesthetic medicine. This makes the facet joint numb along with ligaments and the joint capsule revolving around the facet joint. At We Care Specialist, we employ certified and experienced pain management specialists who can surely waive your pain with the help of immensely patient-friendly techniques.

Frozen Shoulder Treatment

Shoulder Pain: Why it Hurts & When to Worry (Bursitis & Beyond)

Another treatment option available at We Care Medical is surgery on frozen shoulders. Patients are often affected with a frozen shoulder when the connective tissue encloses the joint becomes tight and thickens. The condition of frozen shoulder is also known as adhesive capsulitis. Though the onset of this problem is mild, it might get worse with prolongation. If you are looking for a clinic that provides frozen shoulder surgery NJyou may trust and visit our clinic for consultation.

It might be impossible for you to identify the actual cause behind the occurrence of shoulder pain. However, as soon as you feel the occurrence of pain, you should seek medical attention for the same. Some mild levels of pain might subside if you alter the type of activities and perform subtle physical exercises. But if the pain is serious, then you should opt for surgery.

Tips To Prevent Shoulder Pain

If you act according to the following tips suggested by our clinical specialists, you can keep your pain under control:

  • The desk and chair you are using should give you enough support and facilitate a proper posture
  • If you are into lifting heavy objects, you should regularly work your legs and back
  • Using a ladder or stool is recommendable while grabbing something from a height which is out of your reach

You can rely on our services because we use invasive pain management techniques to diagnose the exact cause of your pain. The treatments we provide are accurate and targeted at your specific areas and facilitate comfort within days of availing the service. We provide you with a subtle action plan to guide you about how we shall treat you.