Gym Workouts For Women Beginning The Fitness Journey

Gym Workouts For Women Beginning The Fitness Journey

Beginning the workout journey for women is not as easy. Recently many women have entered the gyms which makes it less intimidating. But the problem is lack of knowledge, confidence, and lots of myths about women lifting weights have been roaming around that makes it difficult for them to workout. But women you should not feel like this. We are here to let all those confusions down, get your workout clothes because this beginner women workout guide will make your fitness journey happen.

Beginner At A Gym?

Gym can be intimidating and feeling lost can be happening to you if you have no idea of where to start what to do or have never been to a gym. So the first thing you do is to be ready mentally just the first few times. Once you get used to it will be the most comfortable place you could be at.

Remind yourself why you are doing it. Weigh-out the pros and cons if you could not start your fitness journey now. Later in time you will only be wishing to start earlier. Remember everyone is not staring at you. Don’t be intimidated watching people do professional stuff. They all started at the bottom and worked their way up, so they appreciate your effort too. Ask for help and guidance if you need it, don’t be shy. But make sure not to disturb anyone while in the middle of an exercise.

Zoning out and focusing on your workout is the best way to focus on yourself and forget everything else. Create a playlist of your favorite songs or motivational speeches or even podcasts. Enjoy your playlist while wearing your favorite workout clothes, correcting watching yourself in the mirror

Beginner Females Workout

Before going the first day know your goals and your workouts. This will make things easier for the first day. If you have a friend at the gym, tag along with them for first day help. Or you can forget about all that fuss and hire a personal trainer but that could cost you. Free women specific workouts are available online for free, so take advantage of that. Workout differs depending on your goals and body type, so take that into account. Work it out, you can do it.

Toning The Body

Most of the women join a gym because they want to tone the body. Before you dive into the workout, routine here are some tips for you. Identify your current body condition, i.e. do you have enough muscle, are you skinny, how much fat do you have. One you know that it will be easier.

You can tone the body and look sexier by reducing the fat over muscles and gaining lean toned muscles. If you already have enough muscle, which most of you don’t, then just burn the fat. Otherwise, first gain muscle and then move towards burning fat.

Heavy weights and low reps will help gain muscle while high reps and lightweight will burn the fat. However, those 2lbs, 3lbs, 5lbs, dumbbells are not helpful in any way even if you do a hundred reps with it. It is better to move on to something a bit heavier but not too much.

Cardio For Beginners

Treadmill, stationary bikes, stair climbing, rowing, or elliptical machines are a few options you can try. Start at lower intensity and after a week move up the numbers. The first week is to open up the body and muscles. Keep the progress slow and steady, you don’t have to achieve everything that very day. Limit your workouts to 40 to 60 minutes max because it is enough either they are cardio or weight training.

Strength Training For Beginner

It will help strengthen the muscles, joints and bones, so it’s important. You can start with light weights after a week. Until they focus on your form and keep on practicing until it’s perfect. Go for compound exercises like squats, deadlifts, lunges but do not completely ignore other workouts.

Bottom Line

HIIT and planks are great for burning fat even better and faster than cardio. In the beginning even 30 minutes of workout is enough. Keep eating a healthy balanced diet and rest properly. Problem sleeping here is how to banish sleepless nights. Start working a number of days you feel comfortable with even if it’s just 3. Gradually increase the days to 6 days a week max.