When Should I Consider Travelling Abroad for Bariatric Surgery?

When Should I Consider Travelling Abroad for Bariatric Surgery?

Undergoing bariatric surgery can be a truly life-changing moment for obese patients. It gives them a chance to achieve that desired slimmer body shape, improve their health and forget about their insecurities. However, accessing this type of procedure on the NHS is not always easy – their availability varies between different regions of the country, and even when you qualify, waiting times tend to be quite long. Luckily, thanks to medical tourism, now it’s possible to travel for bariatric surgery to another country. Is it a good option in your case? How much do surgeries such as gastric sleeve cost abroad, and are they equally safe and effective as treatments available locally?

Why Is It Important to Treat Obesity?

Obesity is quickly becoming one of the biggest challenges for our society, with the number of patients who battle obesity growing with each passing year all over the world. Unfortunately, many people still hold a very stereotypical view of this problem, assuming that it’s a purely aesthetic issue that stems from laziness and an unhealthy lifestyle. Yet, a quick look at the medical research is enough to understand that the reality is completely different – it’s a serious health condition that can affect one’s whole organism and cause various comorbidities.

Do I Need to Undergo Weight Loss Surgery?

Patients interested in reducing their weight can choose from a variety of weight loss methods available, including dieting and exercising. Changing dietary habits and being more active is often enough to get rid of excess weight. Unfortunately, for people who suffer from advanced obesity, achieving satisfactory and permanent results with dieting and exercising alone can sometimes be difficult. In such situations, there’s another option worth considering – weight-loss surgeries. Surgical interventions provide relatively quick and lasting weight reduction and are very effective in alleviating the adverse health effects of obesity.

Obesity Factors May Help Predict Success After Bariatric Surgery

When Is Bariatric Surgery Abroad a Good Idea?

If you meet all the requirements to qualify for bariatric surgery (e.g., a BMI of 40 or 35 with related health problems, good overall health, and unsuccessful previous attempts to lose weight, among others), you will most likely be able to undergo such procedures abroad. It’s a very beneficial option, not only health-wise, but also financially. Of course, not so much when compared to NHS-funded surgery, but if you have no chance of accessing bariatric treatment free of charge, bariatric clinics abroad can offer you significantly more affordable prices than local ones.

Are Weight-Loss Surgeries Abroad Safe?

Weight loss surgeries in other countries can be just as safe and effective as those performed in the UK, but only if you choose a reliable clinic after considering the quality of medical services, as well as doctors’ qualifications and experience. Eastern European countries, e.g., Poland, are quickly rising on the list of popular destinations for medical tourists because they combine high healthcare standards with affordable costs. It shouldn’t come as a surprise then that many clinics located in this region have offers created specifically with foreign patients in mind, offering comprehensive healthcare packages along with comfortable accommodation and travel options.