Intensive Outpatient Treatment And Its Services

Intensive Outpatient Treatment And Its Services

Addiction has many forms, one can get addicted to drugs, they can get addicted to alcohol, they can get addicted to opioids, or even get addicted to games, movies, celebrities etc. Addiction has no stop to it, one can even get addicted to water, but everything in excessiveness is bad, everything has its own levels of moderation. So, the same way, there are ways to treat each level of addiction, addiction ranges from mild to moderate and from moderate to severe. And each level gets its own treatment program. For example, if a drug addict’s addiction level is checked up and is found to be mild—they will be assigned outpatient treatment program, if the drug addict’s level of addiction is moderate—they will be assigned intensive outpatient treatment program, and if the addiction level is severe, then they will be assigned inpatient treatment program. So, each level has its own treatment program. If you are someone who has been assigned los angeles iop, then you need to be aware of the services this treatment program offers since you have moderate levels of addiction. It is always good to know about things before getting treatment procedures administered to yourself.

Services That Intensive Outpatient Treatment Offers.

Detox treatment. This is the first thing that is done in intensive outpatient treatment program. The drug addict is quickly cut off from the drugs they were addicted to and they are given either alternative medications that can help them with their withdrawal symptoms so they can function well during the hours at work or school or just about any other place.

One-on-one counselling. This form of service in intensive outpatient treatment is very important because in this counselling session or sessions, the patent is taught about the drugs they were addicted to. They are told about the chemical composition of the drugs and are made aware of their drawbacks if consumed excessively. They are even told about the deeper reason as to why the patient got addicted to them, once the root problem is caught with counselling, the patient won’t be going back to the same thing again. Once they know about the drug inside and out—they won’t be afraid of it and will be able to identity the drug as something that can harm them rather than give them temporary pleasure.

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Group therapy: This is the most important form of service right after the counselling that is done one-on-one. In group therapy, the person who is a current drug addict gets to meet other people who are going through the drug addiction treatment program, which is the same treatment they are getting and that is los angeles iop. In group therapy, the patient gets to talk to other current drug addicts, they get to share their stories, experiences, and can find peace in each other’s truths. They won’t be feeling alone in the entire therapy session nor in the entire recovery process anymore once they go through the group therapy.

The best thing about group therapy is that former drug addicts also come to it and share their triumphant moments, their dark moments where they lost hope, and their wisdom to carry on with the treatment—that is why group therapy is considered the anchor of intensive outpatient treatment program; it is the game changer and aids the most in recovering from drug addiction.

Work is provided and hobbies are learned. To better change the brain structure of the patients, odd jobs and work is offered to the patients to give them some change in their lives, they are also given hobbies to put their time in.

These are the services that can change a drug addict back to a normal person, getting los angeles iop administered to yourself or your loved one going through drug addiction is the best thing you can do for them.