How is Our Perception of Drugs is Changing?

How is Our Perception of Drugs is Changing?

Drug abuse has risen steadily in the last few years and it is projected that this rise will continue even more steeply if no strong action is taken to counteract this. The number of people that are involved in at least one form of drug abuse is more than 20 million and this is a significant portion of the population. Most of these addicts are also not part of any form of rehab and this means as more and more people fall victim to drug abuse the number of addicts will only rise since the number of people who leave addiction due to rehab programs is very low. One of the main reasons behind this increase is that we as a society have changed the way we interact with drugs and the way we perceive them in general. This change if not checked can trigger a multitude of negative effects on our country.

The best way to guide an addict back to society as a functional and healthy member is to get them admitted into a rehab program. These programs are designed to guide the addicts so that they can leave addiction altogether and restart their lives. Having local options is the most convenient way so look for clinics in your state or locality online i.e., drug rehab orange county, and ensure that addiction does not spell the end of your life.

The shift is very visible in our daily lives. Drugs have stopped being the taboo topic they once were, while this does mean that people are more open about drug abuse and addicts can easily receive the help, they need whereas previously addictions were mostly kept under wraps. However, this raises a problem because people have also become lax about the usage of drugs. So, the fact that more people are open to the idea of rehab is easily countered by the sheer number of people who are getting into drugs. In the modern-day drugs have become an integral part of the nightlife that has become synonymous with several cities in the country. Nightlife and the culture around clubs and parties have become an important part of the social interactions that a person has, and this shift is not slowing down. Clubbing and attending parties has become a frequent pastime for college and university-age students. This is also the age group that is the most affected by the scourge of drug addiction. The younger generation is much more susceptible to drug abuse as they are much more likely to get into drugs due to a plethora of reasons. They are much more likely to try drugs if anyone around them is an addict. Peer pressure is also a factor here as the younger generation often tries to assimilate into groups by picking up activities that are common in the group.

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Another factor is the fact that a lot of drugs have become commonplace and socially acceptable. Alcohol and cigarettes are some examples and there are some drugs such as cannabis, which is more commonly known as weed, that are also making their way into the mainstream. Alcohol used to be banned in the country but nowadays it is common for pubs to be present in every commercial block. Alcohol is sold at nearly every big supermarket. The only rule governing the sale and consumption of alcohol is the age limit of 21 years. Even this limit is easily bypassed by the combination of determined youths and careless cashiers.

The way the media portrays drugs and drug use has also changed over the years. Nowadays movies and tv often have main characters whether they be protagonists and antagonists who use drugs. These characters can unconsciously push people to try drugs.

This rise in drug use can spell danger for our nation as the rates of violence and crime will surely rise and the addiction rates increase so prompt action should be taken.