Summer Amidst the Pandemic and What You and Your Family Can Do to Enjoy It

Summer Amidst the Pandemic and What You and Your Family Can Do to Enjoy It

As the malevolent COVID-19 hit its anniversary mark last December and still, unfortunately, going strong in preventing us from going back to our normal lives, it will ultimately still affect our vacation plans for the next few months—and summer is not an exception. As much as we would like to hit the beach with our family or go on a cruise date with our significant other this coming summer, the harsh reality must be put first.

We did it once last year, and unfortunately, we’re doing it again. But summertime isn’t just about lounging around white sands and visiting carnivals—summer is about creating fun no matter the circumstance! Our world inevitably shifted online due to dangers brought about by the deadly virus, but that does not mean that summer activities must only be limited inside the walls of your home. It isn’t that impossible to enjoy the summer as what it should be felt, even if most of us have likely succumbed to the quarantine life of binge-watching Netflix shows and keeping up with online classes or work-from-home setups.

Well, fret not, because there are still plenty of ways to enjoy the next months to come—and with summertime just around the corner, it is never too early to start planning. Read on to find out how you can make the most of your summer adventures while under the new normal!

Family Fun in the New Normal

Planning trips with your family is the optimal summer vacation that is pretty much looked forward to by every single person in your home. Who doesn’t love a quick summer getaway from the normalities we encounter every single day? Well, tables have turned, and we are indeed under a new version of what we call normal. But the fun does not stop just because of it! You can try:

  • A backyard barbecue. This one’s a classic, and one that should never be overlooked! Bring out your grills, prep your patio furniture, and hang up a hammock for the ultimate bohemian vibe right at the back of your home. Hanging out in your backyard is one way to get some fresh air without having to go out and risk contagion in public places. You can also incorporate themes in this activity, like having your food and decorations be inspired by other countries. You may create your mini water park, too!
  • Planning out an exercise routine. While this may sound boring for the kids, you can hype it up by incorporating dance routines or watch Zumbas on Youtube for your reference! Staying active amidst quarantine will help keep your and your family’s spirits up, as it is an effective way to improve your mental and physical health levels. This isn’t only limited to dancing, however. You can let the kids run around your yard, do a bike ride around the neighborhood—with supervision and social distancing from your neighbors, of course!
  • Starting a family garden. Let the whole family choose what vegetables and plants they want to grow and watch the magic of tending to unfold! However, don’t let them feel that this is more of a chore than a fun activity. Let them enjoy while also teaching them the fundamentals of gardening. This would be a memorable experience they’ll truly forget—and will surely find use out for in the future!
  • Investing in an inground pool installation. If mini water parks aren’t enough to satisfy your and your family’s craving for swimming and just chilling in the water, then it’s time for you to consider installing an inground pool right at the back of your home! It’s the perfect way to indeed bring vacation right into the very yard of your house. Plus, you get to use your stocked bikinis and do your very own photoshoot to update your Instagram feed, even under the new normal. This pandemic is definitely no excuse for you to skip that wax appointment you’ve been thinking about!
  • Making your outside home theater. Summer is not just about basking under the sunlight. You can also have fun even if the sun’s set down, too! If you have a family projector, then this one’s easy for you. Enjoy your summer nights by turning your patio or deck into a makeshift home theater, hang up some fairy lights, and play your favorite movies or binge-watch a TV show!

A pandemic is definitely not a hindrance for you and your family to mope around and complain that you cannot go on a vacation. If that’s the case, then it’s time for you to make the vacation go to your home, instead!