Top Self-Care Techniques You Should Do During a Crisis

Top Self-Care Techniques You Should Do During a Crisis

COVID-19’s ill effects are felt globally, with economies and a normal way of life in many local communities grinding to a halt in one fell swoop. When the crisis was at its peak, large swathes of the general populations in the US and other countries suffered moderate to high distress levels across all races, age groups, education, and sex. To say that the pandemic is disruptive in nature is to put it correctly.

Knowing such things, those who managed to keep their sanity to this day should not discount the possibility of being plagued with mental health issues. If there’s one thing that the ongoing pandemic has taught people, it’s that things can change in a heartbeat, which leaves no room for complacency if survival is at stake.

Here are some of the best self-care methods that you should observe to avoid mental health issues and keep yourself physically, emotionally, and psychologically strong amid a crisis such as COVID-19:

Practice Safe Sex.

Any crisis can be quite unnerving even to the strongest person. And during such a highly stressful situation, turning to pleasure activities like sex is one of the go-to escapes of people who wish to mitigate the psychological burden of the situation. But before you take off your clothes and go to bed with your partner, be sure to have the necessary precautions ready.

These would include wearing a condom, using lubricants, and refraining from kissing, especially if the current crisis has something to do with transmission via bodily fluids such as saliva. Crisis or not, wearing a condom makes perfect sense, especially for couples who are engaged in intimate relationships with other partners.

Take Care of your Body.

Any crisis can take its toll on otherwise healthy people, making them vulnerable to stress-related illnesses such as depression and sleep deprivation. If you’re currently dealing with a particularly heavy burden right now, you must do everything you can to take care of your body.

Among other techniques, you could visit a licensed chiropractor to perform adjustments on your body to relieve stress and correct posture problems that could affect your self-esteem and normal bodily functions. Of course, having enough sleep each day and staying away from alcohol, drugs, and tobacco won’t be a bad idea.

Think Happy Thoughts.

If you’ve come across the Laws of Attraction philosophy, then you’re aware that people who believe in it practice focusing on positive thoughts to reap positive outcomes. The same philosophy also holds that those who choose to delve into negativity are, on the contrary, attracting negative events to happen.

Other Laws of Attraction maintains that nature doesn’t like a vacuum and that one’s present state should be lived in a way that efforts are made to make it perfect. Collectively, these laws underscore the need for people to direct their hearts and minds into dwelling on positive, happy thoughts to direct the universe to produce positive results for those who believe in the said laws.

Do Things that you Love.

It can be an art project, a stint as a volunteer for a cause-oriented group, or just about anything that makes you truly happy and accomplished. Whatever they may be, the idea is to pursue things that give you genuine joy and fulfillment. By doing the things that you love and value, you’ll stay positive and keep your sense of purpose no matter how tough the situation may be around you.

Keep your Cherished People Close to you.

With today’s technology, breaking down distance barriers has never been easier. With just a few clicks, you can see a relative living from across the other end of the world or talk to a loved one whom you have not talked with for a long time.

You can turn any crisis into a chance to reconnect with long-lost friends or maintain your link with loved ones during such a trying time. By keeping your cherished people close to you physically and in spirit, you’ll have a support group that can make the burden of the situation easier to carry.

Don’t Forget to Relax and Breathe.

No matter how heavy the burden you’re carrying on your shoulders, you should find that tinder of hope within you by taking a deep breathe when everything around you seems without hope. You have to accept the reality that there are things beyond your control and that the only way to move forward is to come to such a realization.

By accepting such things, you can give yourself time to relax and breathe, so you can focus your energy on making yourself stronger emotionally, physically, and spiritually. This will help you weather the crisis and emerge stronger once it is over.