The Top 6 Benefits of Having a Personal Trainer

The Top 6 Benefits of Having a Personal Trainer

Personal trainers are an excellent way to get fit and reach your goals. However, people are skeptical of hiring one because they are not sure if they are worth the money. Trainers can help people enhance their fitness levels and efficiently create plans to reach the client’s goals. If you are not convinced yet, here are 6 excellent benefits to having a personal trainer.

1. Trainers Offer Motivation and Accountability

Trainers are excellent motivators because it is their job to encourage their clients to work hard. Plus, the fact that you are paying money for a person to help you work out is often a motivator on its own.

A huge reason people are not consistent is that there is no one to keep them accountable. A trainer is a consistent reminder for you to stay on top of your workout schedule and to keep an eye on the goal. The trainer will be extremely invested in your fitness journey, helping you finish each workout.

2. Crucial Knowledge and Expertise

Working out without much knowledge about what to do can make it scary for anyone, often discouraging people from exercising altogether. Luckily, that is where an online female fitness coach comes in handy. Trainers know exactly how you should do exercises to maximize results while also targeting all the correct muscle groups.

Doing a workout with poor form often leads to poor and slow results. Trainers can watch your form and correct them, helping you make the most out of your workout. They can spot minor mistakes you would never notice or learn from most online videos, as they can personally tell you what you need to correct. Moreover, proper form prevents injury, which is always important.

3. They Know Your Limits

Trainers are excellent because they encourage you to push yourself. However, that does not mean a trainer will make you go past your limits. A skilled trainer knows when their clients are about to hit their breaking point, and they will never make you go past that.

Trainers know that rushing their clients and making them workout too hard only leads to poor results and a potential risk for injury. Therefore, they can monitor you to make sure you are going at the right pace.

Moreover, trainers can modify an exercise or your whole workout schedule. Some people have conditions or injuries that keep them from doing certain exercises, so a trainer can create the right workout plan for you.

4. Trainers Help You Form Goals

You may have a fitness goal in mind, but you may not know how to get there. A trainer is a person you go to for guidance. A trainer encourages you by forming workout plans to reach your goals, while also noting your current improvements to further motivate you. They know when you feel discouraged, so they will do their best to put you in the right mindset.

5. Customized Workouts

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One of the best things you can get from a trainer is that they will customize a workout especially for you. They will acknowledge your current goals, strengths and weaknesses, and create a workout program catered to your needs.

Let’s say that you are great at lifting, but have weak cardio endurance. A trainer will likely create a specific plan to encourage more running in your workout schedule while incorporating weight lifting to maintain your muscle mass. If you want to grow your glute muscles, a trainer will likely make you lift heavier weight, eat more protein and be on a slight caloric surplus.

However, trainers know the nitty-gritty of fitness. They study fitness religiously, so a basic Google search may not get you the results you want, especially for your specific body. Therefore, they know exactly what you need to attain your goals.

6. They Lessen the Risk of Injury

One thing that can keep you from working out is an injury, and it can further discourage you from working out again. Trainers keep an eye out for good form and potential dangers, helping you avoid injuries.

For instance, let’s say that you noticed that your knees started to hurt more than usual. A good trainer will instantly tell you to decrease activities that put strain and weight on your knees, like running and very heavy lifting. The trainer will find alternate exercises that you can do until it gets better. Alternatively, they may even find exercises that can help prevent that pain.

How Do I Know I Have the Right Trainer?

There may be some trial-and-error until you find the right trainer, but that should not discourage you. Think about it like making friends. Each person is different and will respond to various situations differently, and a friend is made when two people are compatible. The same concept applies to trainers.

You can “shop around” for trainers by availing of the first free session. This session is the perfect time to take notice if you like their personal training style (like an encouraging or military-type training method). You can also observe if they actually keep their full attention on you while you work out.

Most importantly, the trainer should have the proper certification to be a personal fitness trainer. Certification means that they will understand health conditions, and be able to formulate better workouts based on health issues and previous injuries, along with your goals, dietary restrictions, etc.


A fitness trainer is an excellent investment to make, especially if you are just starting your fitness journey. They will help you recognize and reach your goals, without risking your physical or mental health.