The Zero Weakness Professional Powerlifting Module Features

The Zero Weakness Professional Powerlifting Module Features

Have you heard about the powerlifting module that is available to you by powerlifting gym Brisbane? Just in case you aren’t aware, then you are missing out on very big and important information. Reading through this article you will learn what powerlifting gym Brisbane has in store for you.

 Principle Module

This is the first module as designed by Zero Weakness.  Being the first module, it is majorly done through watching videos and getting to understand the rules that are involved in powerlifting as it is a very technical process and unless precaution is taken, it says bring problems during the training.  As the module begins the trainee is normally taken through the three main lift squats principles. Thus are the bench, deadlift, and press. Within this module, you will be made to understand the rules that you must observe and also the biomechanical rules of each lift. Zero Weakness takes this module very seriously as it will save you from losing your stability due to the accidents that may occur.

 Coaching Module

Being the second module, this is where we put things into being. The first module must have been boring for those like me who do not lone lectures and tutoring videos, but this will obviously make you have some butterflies in the stomach especially if you have not been to a gym, In this module, I can refer to it as a practical class, this is where what you earn in module one as a student you begin to put it in practice.

The first step is having problem-solving processes, al the major challenges that may be faced are queued and dealt with by a skilled team of coaches from Zero Weakness. The problem solving of the powerlifting techniques normally takes four weeks just to ensure that everything is dealt with properly.

The Zero Weakness Professional Powerlifting Module Features

The next part is the programming part with the use of different modalities. The various injuries that can come as a result of powerlifting are also looked at in this phase. There are other many aspects that are looked at in this module and you can read through just by visiting the link given above.

Powerlifting Module

Here comes the practical itself now, after the training and the classes, the coach terms the trainee as a person ready to begin the powerlifting. They begin by reviewing the previous module lessons just to ensure everything is in order and remembered.