Using Vacuum Seals To Lengthen Cannabis Storage?

Using Vacuum Seals To Lengthen Cannabis Storage?


It’s now 2021 and sadly the pandemic we all know as “COVID-19” is still happening around us.

We are encouraged to stay indoors as much as possible and not go outside unless necessary. Thus, cannabis users might be looking for ways to increase their shelf life of weed products they have at home.

As for me, I live in Vancouver, BC and I can order my cannabis using Vancouver delivery, where it will be delivered to me within a few days.

However, if you have cannabis at home and do not have access to local deliveries at this time, our article will certainly help you!

Expanding the lifespan of your bud is a well established issue. You need each bowl burnt or joint lit to have as new a kind of those terpenes as when you previously opened your packet of weed.

Regardless of whether you can acknowledge a touch of mellowing of the taste after somewhat, nobody needs to smoke old weed.

Everybody’s managed cerebral pains, hack, or languor you’ll encounter as the THC particle has corrupted into CBN, and nobody is a fan.

Cannabis Long-Term Storage

Hermetically sealed and far out is a pot smoker’s adage for putting away their weed. So it makes sense that the less air you open your weed to, the fresher and more intense it will remain.

The terpenes won’t dry out, trichomes will remain on the bud, and it won’t consume as hot. Keeping your cannabis from the air will likewise lessen the moistness, which can make weed form.

Store it in a cool spot to forestall the cannabinoids and terpenes from drying out further. You’ll need to keep it under 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

All in all, does this work? Is all you require a decent container and a wardrobe or cabinet to save your weed in great condition for the long stretch?

The appropriate response is yes. Similarly as with most things, the fresher, the better, so make certain to set aside a portion of your buy to appreciate right away.

Notwithstanding, in the event that you need to keep your cannabis bloom in the most ideal condition and store it significantly more, a vacuum sealer is your smartest choice.

Vacuum Seal Your Cannabis 

When your bud is vacuum-fixed, a few strains can be accumulated as long as a year without losing a perceptible measure of their strength.

Stunningly better, vacuum sealers are moderately modest on the web. A brisk pursuit on Google or Amazon will give you a lot of alternatives.

You can locate a home utilize one for around $50-$75 and a container sealer connection is just $20.

Consider this an investment. If you ever vape and use those prefilled oil cartridges, you know how expensive it can start to add up. Every bit of savings help!

In the event that you do choose to go with vacuum fixing, containers versus plastic sacks merits considering.

The advantage of plastic packs is their inexpensiveness and simplicity of capacity. In case you’re vacuum fixing in a plastic pack, your nugs will get a little compacted and some little pieces may get crunched off.

In any case, the quality will in any case be excellent and dislike you’re placing them in a showroom. You’re simply going to consume them at any rate.

However long you keep them out of the light they’ll actually be acceptable.

Contemplations for Vacuum Sealing Your Marijuana

Plastic packs have a few disadvantages however. In case you’re deciding to freeze your weed to keep it an extra-long time, you must be extra cautious when taking care of the baggie.

Frozen trichomes can sever and stay clinched, rather than going into your body where they should be.

Permit your weed to return up to room temperature prior to utilizing it. In any case, there’s a great deal of discussion whether freezing weed has any genuine points of interest for capacity.

Numerous cannabis shoppers will say that room temperature turns out only great for capacity and that between 60-65 degrees Fahrenheit is the ideal temperature range.

A last issue to consider with plastic sacks is that plastic can get a light static charge. This won’t destroy you like a metal entryway handle when you contact the sack, yet it’s as yet sufficiently able to remove fragile hairs and trichomes from your weed.

This brings down the intensity.

Utilizing a container connector to vacuum seal your weed is similarly as simple as fixing plastic and containers have some huge points of interest over plastic.

They’ll protect the state of your nugs, you’ll lose less trichomes to crunching and static charge, and they’re more earth-accommodating.

With containers, there is the issue of capacity. Since glass doesn’t twist or level pack, you’re stuck requiring more extra room.

Regardless of whether you pick containers or plastic to vacuum seal, the last technique to long haul weed stockpiling is to utilize several more modest containers or sacks as opposed to one huge compartment.

Each time you open the pack or the container, you lose terpenes and cannabinoids to the air. By having two or three more modest compartments, you can keep the lion’s share fixed from the air and new while you manage one.

Additionally it’s simpler to partition out your weed in case you’re attempting to apportion it.


Obviously, you don’t have to vacuum seal your weed. Impenetrable and far out turns out only great for the time being, the length of it’s not very hot.

In any case, it never harms, particularly in case you’re consistently purchasing in mass.

On the off chance that a little speculation merits having fresher weed longer, vacuum fixing is the best approach. Particularly in case you’re purchasing a ton at the same time.

Anyway, don’t let the pandemic stop you from enjoying what you love. Keep those smoke sessions alive and enjoy every day that you are alive.