Vape Cartridges – Does it Go Bad?

Vape Cartridges – Does it Go Bad?


Every food that was once tasty will turn bad in time. This is the same with cannabis and vape cartridges.

There is no point in keeping your favorite food uneaten for a long time because there is always an expiration date.

My dad always likes to save his favorite chocolate because he didn’t want to eat all of it. Eventually, they all expired and now we are left eaten expired chocolate because he STILL doesn’t want to waste them.

Don’t let this happen to you. Continue reading to learn about how to tell when an oil cartridge like CBD Vape Cartridge Canada goes bad.

Even if you keep your cannabis products sealed, it will still lose its potency overtime.

A lot of vape cartridge buyers have uncovered a touchy looking cartridge from the rear of a cabinet and contemplated whether to screw it into the battery and try it out.

Particularly if the dispensary is shut for the evening or payday appears to be excessively far away for a resupply.

Since the cannabinoids (and now and again terpenes) suspended in the hash oil are now prepared and shielded from the outdoors, would they say they aren’t more rack stable than blossom? Along these lines, do vape cartridges actually turn sour?

On the off chance that they do, what’s the most terrible that can occur in the event that you smoke it in any case?

Vape Cartridges Overview

For one thing, we should discuss what is in reality in that vape cartridge. There is roughly one gram or marujuana in the cylinder that has been extracted to make it into this oil substrate.

This oil contains a high level of THC just as other cannabinoids and terpenes removed from the plant.

At the lower part of the cartridge is a metal plate that disintegrates the oil, which gets breathed in through the mouthpiece.

The plate is warmed by a battery toward one side of the vape pen.

Since the oil contains THC concentrate instead of plant matter, you don’t have to stress over specific issues that one experiences with bud over the long haul.

It won’t lose power as it dries out, trichomes can’t tumble off the leaves, and terpenes won’t dissipate. Notwithstanding, this doesn’t imply that vape cartridges are interminable.

How Time Changes THC in Vape Cartridges 

Oil is made of complex chains of lipids and particles whose bonds are not the most grounded.

While vape oil will hold its intensity for much more than a gram of bud, it’s actually going to debase like any oil or concentrate after some time.

Those sub-atomic bonds will break, particularly with the oil being warmed consistently by the plate in the battery.

Also, THC particles are continually going to separate into CBN regardless of what structure they’re in.

The pace of how rapidly this THC separates in your vape cartridge relies upon several components, however the principle one is heat.

While it might appear to be outlandish that something whose object is to be warmed can harm it, openness to higher temperatures over the long haul will accelerate the breakdown of both the oil and the THC.

Since the cylinders utilized in a vape cartridge are for the most part made as economically as could be expected under the circumstances, they move outside warmth into the oil pretty without any problem.

This warmth can emerge from a high-temperature day, the hot inside of a vehicle, or simply the body heat communicated into a pocket. The other primary factor with regards to the untimely maturing of a vape cartridge is openness to light, and particularly daylight.

Regardless of whether it’s bud, a consumable, or a concentrate, light will snap off those fragile hydrogen particles, transforming psychoactive THC into exhausting (yet helpful) CBN.

How to See When The Vape Cartridge Has Gone Bad 

When all is said in done, an old vape cartridge, much the same as old weed, won’t put you in danger for any genuine medical problems on the off chance that you smoke it.

It’s additionally not suggested, since it won’t be that powerful, the taste will be off, and you may hack significantly more, get tired or get a migraine.

In view of all that, on the off chance that you go over a vape cartridge of dubious age, there are several signs to check for to ensure it’s still acceptable before you take a stab at smoking it.

Now, if you buy from a bad dispensary, you could end up getting products like this from the start. This is why we like to recommend a dispensary like CBD Oil in Quebec, especially if you live in Canada for high quality products.

The principal thing to check is that the cartridge has a similar consistency and clearness as when you previously got it.

The oil should in any case be some uniform shade of light yellow to golden.

You ought to likewise have the option to see through it without an excessive difficult situation.

On the off chance that the fluid is stained in any capacity or has changed into some shade of earthy colored, the cartridge is done for and ought to be thrown out.

Keeping The Vape Cartridge Fresh

In the event that you’ve quite recently purchased another cartridge, particularly on the off chance that you’ve gone overboard on a quality one, you’ll need to keep it great until the last drop.

There are a few basic approaches to expand your vape cartridge’s lifespan.

Much the same as with bloom, how long your vape cartridge stays strong relies upon how much consideration you put into putting away it.

The uplifting news is on the grounds that it’s a concentrate your cartridge can stay at almost a similar degree of value for any longer than blossom can. With the correct deterrent measures and quality fixings, your vape cartridge can last as long as a year absent a lot of progress in intensity.

The initial step to saving your cartridge long haul is to unscrew it from the battery when you’re not utilizing it.

However long the metal plate is in contact with the battery, there will be a smidgen of intensity channel and an extremely modest quantity of warming that over the long run will harm the oil and cannabinoids.

This likewise forestalls spillage and breakage, as does putting away your cartridge upstanding when it’s unscrewed.

Store your cartridge in a cool, dry spot and keep it out of the warmth. At temperatures over 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21 degrees Celsius) the THC atoms start to debase into CBN and the oil begins to denature.

Since the human body additionally runs at more than 70 degrees, in case you’re hauling your cartridges around in your pocket routinely it’s ideal to keep them in a little defensive case. Keep your cartridges out of direct light, and particularly daylight.

Abundance light can turn the oil earthy colored and separate the THC atoms, which means losing both intensity and flavor. Daylight additionally implies additional warmth, which as referenced above will harm the cartridge significantly more.

The most ideal approach to store your cartridges is for a situation, however any cool, dry cabinet or capacity spot will do also. The most terrible spot to leave them in would be on a windowsill.


On the off chance that you convey your cartridges in your vehicle or in your pockets a ton and need to save them, another thought is to purchase a hash oil needle for filling cartridges.

These are sold at numerous dispensaries and permit you to store the oil itself in a cool, dry spot until you need it.

Essentially fill your cartridge with the sum you need for the following not many days and you’ll generally have a new, strong inventory of hash oil.

To recap, vape cartridges do turn sour over the long haul. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you keep your cartridges cool and in obscurity, they should last around a half year to a year with a similar power.

From that point forward, they will lose a portion of their power. Yet, in the event that they’ve been put away effectively, the oil should at present be fit as a fiddle to disintegrate without losing any of the flavor.