What is Considered Good Dental Treatment?

What is Considered Good Dental Treatment?

Dentists perform a wide array of treatments that help people from all walks of life achieve excellent oral health. From pediatrics to clear aligners to emergency care, their techniques are considered vital for the people who need them.  Today we’ll discuss what dental treatments are considered good, highly beneficial and safe to perform. ‏


‏Fillings are one of the most common dental treatments. When your dentist performs a filling, they’re healing and restoring your tooth from damages caused by inflictions like cavities. A filling is required after your dentist drills away at the cavity‏, as there is space in the tooth that needs to be restored. ‏


‏Bonding is another method of repairing teeth that may have decomposed or have been chipped. It involves a paste consisting of ‏ ‏composite resin‏ ‏, which is then colored to match the color of your teeth, and then applied to all teeth that require bonding. The paste hardens using a laser, replicating your real teeth and blending in nicely. ‏

‏The teeth are shaped properly and then polished. Bonding is a ‏ ‏fairly common‏ ‏ method of teeth restoration and can be used for people of all ages. You should proceed with caution after experiencing this treatment by avoiding hard foods that can damage your new teeth. You should also be sure to maintain them by brushing regularly, which is a given. ‏

‏Broken Tooth Repair‏

‏A broken tooth is a cause for emergency care and you should contact your dentist‏ immediately so they will have sufficient time to fill in the tooth. A crown, otherwise known as a cap, may be required if you have a chipped tooth and root canal therapy can also restore the tooth. These options are preferable and less risky than removing the tooth and replacing it with an implant. ‏

‏Lingual Braces‏

‏Lingual braces‏ ‏ are similar to conventional braces, yet they’re fixed on the back of the teeth rather than the front. This allows patients to reap the benefits of braces without them being noticeably visible on the front of their teeth. While lingual braces can be more costly than traditional braces, payment plans can be agreed upon, depending on your orthodontist. ‏

‏Your orthodontist can adjust the placement of your lingual braces to reduce the common dull ache associated with braces, making you more comfortable. According to Healthline, they can “correct most bite problems.” They’re a good choice for people who require braces but wouldn’t like them to be visually exposed.‏

‏Pediatric Treatments‏

Pediatric‏ dentistry typically involves regular check-ups with children that include searching for cavities and cleanings. Pediatrics can include more than these check-ups, however, and an appointment with a child may include extracting teeth or requiring x-rays. It should be noted that extractions are done when a child may need a molar removed. These extractions are considered a safe procedure.

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‏Teeth Whitening‏

‏Food and drinks, especially coffee, can stain our teeth over time and it can become more noticeable as we get older. Long-time smokers can also notice their teeth yellowing over time. Dentists can perform teeth whitening treatments for people experiencing this problem. ‏

‏Teeth whitening‏ ‏treatment by a dentist involves applying a bleaching solution to the teeth, which is typically either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. Normally, these solutions require a curing light or laser for the application process to be successful. Once the process is over, the teeth are rinsed, and you may need to book a follow-up appointment with your dentist to reach the shade of white you want. ‏

‏Oral Cancer Detection‏

‏Dentists play a crucial role in noticing early signs of ‏most oral cancers‏. A dentist can detect abnormalities in tissues, as well as small lesions or lumps that look similar to the early stages of some mouth cancers. These screening treatments can be potentially life-saving and one of the most important components of a dental examination, especially if you’re an older adult. ‏


‏Dentures are essential for people who require them to have proper mouth functionality. Older people in particular who are missing teeth should consider dentures so they can eat food properly and feel good about their smile and appearance. Dentists can treat their patients by providing dentures. ‏

‏There are different types of dentures, depending on the number of teeth they’re missing. ‏ ‏Complete dentures‏ ‏ are made from plastic and are curated to resemble gums. They can hold a complete set of teeth that are either made from porcelain or plastic. ‏

‏Partial dentures‏ ‏ are for when someone is missing some, but not all, of their teeth. To fit in the mouth, they require clasps and a metal base. Plastic variations of partial dentures do exist but are normally used as a temporary measure before installing a more long-lasting solution. ‏

Root Canals‏

‏Root canals ‏ can be considered emergency care as they tackle painful issues like abscessed teeth and other diseases. When a dentist performs a root canal, they open your tooth so they can gain access to the core of the infection. Your teeth have tissue in the center of them, not something that many people are aware of.

‏After this procedure, the tooth and the opening are filled. Root canals are meant to preserve your natural tooth and are performed so the patient can avoid needing a replacement tooth. They are commonly considered a painful dental treatment, so you can talk to your dentist about any questions you may have.