What Qualities Should You Look For In A Sponsor

When you’re recovering from addiction, it can be really hard to go to family and friends for support if they have never been through a similar experience, (which they often will not have been through). According to an alcoholics anonymous survey up to 79% of people alcoholics have sponsors. These are people who have been through the programme and have achieved sobriety- and are now helping someone stop their addiction by giving help and answering queries. Picking up a sponsor should not be taken lightly because that person should help you in achieving your sobriety following the rehab clinic period.

The absolute perfect sponsor should be someone who has the following characteristics:

  • Has experienced the problem of alcoholism or drug abuse
  • Has completed the 12 steps
  • Is sober for a year
  • Has had experience being a sponsor in the past
  • Are allowed to be a sponsor by the AA/NA etc.
  • Has been sober for a year to five years

Remember that sponsors are there to assist your recovery – this is not an opportunity for romance. If you are heterosexual, you should find a sponsor of the same sex (and vice versa for homosexuals). A sponsor should be someone you look up to and is a source of inspiration for you, who will motivate you to achieve what they have already achieved – they will get you to participate in group activities or even find a common mistake if you’re doing anything wrong.

The most important thing to find in a sponsor is for a person to be someone that you can put your trust in, someone who will give you advice and you can relate with rather than someone who will boss you around, trying to fix you or making you feel inferior. They should really be someone who shouldn’t be afraid to call on the phone for assistance and advice, for fear of their judgement or opinions.

This person should have enough time to give you in the wood – if you’re intimidated to approach someone going through recovery, call or send a text to ask because the vast majority of the time they will go out of their way to help you out.

Make sure you find someone who is going to be an asset to your recovery process following alcohol rehab.

A good sponsor is going to make a massive difference in your chances successful recovery, if you think that your sponsor is not the right person for you, then don’t be coy about it, it’s something that not only will they be happy to discuss but also the AA. Everyone wants your recovery to be successful and will be willing to do what’s needed in order to make it happen. Changing sponsors is no big drama, and shouldn’t cause you undue stress, however, it’s right that you should feel like you should not leave your sponsor if they are working hard to help you in your recovery – remember that this is an important step of their recovery and continued sobriety as much as it is for you. Are you leaving for the right reasons? Think carefully about your decision, it can take a bit of time to develop a relationship with a sponsor so don’t be reckless.