Why Your Business Should Offer Employee Dental Benefits

Employee Dental Benefits

Happy employees are more productive, and now is the right time to explore the best ways to improve your workers’ wellness at your business. As a human resource manager or employer, you should ask yourself what you’re doing to create a better and healthy environment for your workers. When considering employee well-being, one of the things that come into play is employee benefits. Dental benefits have been ranked highly among best employee benefits. This is because oral health and overall health have a direct link. To create a healthy business, you need healthy employees.

3 Reasons Why an Employee Dental Plan Long Island NY is Important

Employees Expect Dental Coverage

Today, workers expect more than just traditional health insurance from their jobs. According to a recent study by the Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI), over two-thirds of workers in the U.S. consider employee dental implants plan Long Island NY as extremely important. According to another sturdy, dental insurance is the third most requested benefit by workers after medical insurance and employee retirement plans. These findings are clear: your employees want to sustain their oral health and they expect you to provide employee dental plan Long Island NY.

It’s Important to the Overall Wellness of your Employees

Compared to other health complications, dental issues are less risky. However, when dental problems are left untreated, with time they can develop into serious issues with significant dental and health costs. However, with an employee dental plan Long Island NY, your workers can get regular preventive care that will go a long way to keeping them healthy and your business running smoothly.

Employee Dental Plans Make Recruitment and Retention Easier

Dental benefits are an important factor in the job-seekers decision-making process, especially if the potential employee has several competing offers. During an EBRI survey, the participating employees said that the employee dental plan Long Island NY benefits package would be an extremely important factor in their decision-making process to accept a job offer.

Keep Your Employees Smiling

What are you doing to create and encourage wellness in your business? Have you made any changes in the benefits you offer? Providing employee dental plan Long Island NY benefits is very important. Employees with a DentalSave dental savings plans are more likely to visit a dentist compared to those without. Keep in mind that an employee’s oral health can only be improved through regular visits to the dentist.