Five Essential Tips For The First Day At Gym

You have finally decided to join a gym. Congratulations! It’s your first step on your way to being healthy. A gym is an exciting place; it gives you some sweat, a fit body, and more than that some amazing pictures for Instagram. I still remember the day, the first time I went to the Beach Fit – The best f45 gym in Bondi Beach and only workout I did was finger tapping or Instagramming you can say.

The first day of the gym can make you very conscious as many gym pros surround you, but you are new to this world. Here are a quick five tips to the ace first day in the gym like a pro.

Buy These Gym Bag Essentials

There are some few things that you will need in your gym bag to make your gym experience better. On the first day of gym, I had a towel and phone with me, and the struggle I faced was real. With time, I knew the essentials that one should have in their bag. Here’s what you have to put in your gym bag:

A Towel: Get yourself a microfiber towel that doesn’t take much space but absorbs moist.

Deodorant: This is a must not to let yourself smell like the bunch of members at the gym.

Bottle: Water dispensers and bottles are available in the gym but hygienic to carry your own.

Headphones: If you have your own choice of music, you need headphones to avoid gym music. Also, music drives you to work out even more.

Toiletries: Carry your own toiletries kit, including a travel size soap, shampoo, and face wipes.

Know your goal

Whether it’s losing weight, increasing strength, or being healthy, knowing your goal is crucial to make you stick to the gym. The goal will give you the path to move forward and keep you motivated.

You must choose your goal wisely, it should be practical and achievable, not like flaunting abs in one week but it should be like losing a few pounds in 15 days. Your goal will help the trainers plan the best diet and workout for you.

Goals are not always constant; it’s changing, try to have short term goals in your mind and treat yourself with cheat meal whenever you achieve your goal.

Try and Try!

As this is your first time, so you are not aware of which workout suits you the best, that’s why you must give a try to everything. Whatever you do at this time, your body will be sore the day after.

Ropes, weight liftings, treadmills, or anything; you will be in pain for a few days. So, test your body and see what workouts work for you. Don’t hesitate to use every equipment available in the gym.

Make Friends

No place is fun without friends. Try convincing your buddies to sign up for the gym membership along with you. If you can’t convince them, make new friends in the gym. You can chat and bond over mutual physical exhaustion with other gym members.

About the Author:

Noah Simmonetti is a regular guy who loves all the good things in life, including food and travel but also ensures that he sheds carbs at the gym. He shares all about his passion for a healthy life and can be reached at