Does Using Nursing Pads Results in Efficient Breastfeeding for Mothers?

Does Using Nursing Pads Results in Efficient Breastfeeding for Mothers?

A mother’s body goes through a ton of transformation during the whole pregnancy. But the real challenge is when she takes up the important job of breastfeeding her child. She experiences a whole new phase of cravings, mood swings, appetite boost, breast tenderness and milk leakage from her breasts. A mother must also invest in things that are as important as onesies, strollers and diapers, one such important thing that will be a great aid to her nursing experience and one that will make her feel more confident and less embarrassed is having nursing pads.

During the whole nursing journey, a mother sometimes needs to take lactating cookies to boost her milk production that leads to unexpected leakage, nursing pads ensure that all the liquid is absorbed and the mother could just be normal and move on with her life. In the past, this sudden leakage has caused a great deal of mortification and uneasiness to mothers that have led to the invention of this great product. In this article you will find all the information regarding nursing pads, so keep reading.

What are Nursing Pads? 

Nursing pads are also known as breast pads, they are a life changing accessory that makes the life of a nursing mother a tad easier. Breast pads are used to create a barrier between the breasts and your clothing. You can place them in a regular bra or your nursing bra as well for a better protection. Nursing pads are super permeable, comfortable, soft and affordable that once you get hooked on them, there’s no going back. They make the life of a nursing so much easier and normal, as she can wear anything, anywhere and anytime. No need to take in account the timing of nursing, the place where you are heading and relinquish your favorite clothes. Nursing pads help prevent any kind of leakage, humiliation and also protects her clothing from tough milk stains.

When and Why Would the Need Arise? 

When you decide to nurse your baby, be sure there’s no escaping leaking breast. Some mothers experience milk seepage from pregnancy, some in the initial weeks when the milk supply is adjusting to the demand of the baby, some mothers experience is throughout their nursing journey (raise your hand if you can relate!) and some lucky ones that don’t have leaking breasts at all (I mean who are these women, can’t relate!). Now there is a pattern to it, your breasts leak when your breasts are full with an overabundance of milk; maybe you are taking lactating cookies as a milk supply booster. There are numerous other reasons that are sometimes in your control and sometimes everything goes haywire (trust me this one is more common).

Milk leakage can occur when your baby is crying for milk near you; it stimulates the hormone and leakage happens. Sometimes when you skip your feeding session due to a work commitment or a missed pumping session can also cause the breasts to start leaking when it’s nursing time. Milk seepage can also happen when a mother is feeding from one breast and the other also starts leaking due to the activation of the let-down reflex. It can also happen when you get intimate with your partner during sexual encounters or even when you are peacefully sleeping at night, basically there’s no escaping it!

Nursing pads play a vital role in keeping the mother lucid; otherwise, it will be just too much. They might seem trivial, simple or ordinary to the eye but ask a nursing mother and she’ll swear by it. A breast pad not only saves the mother from humiliating and mortifying situations it also saves her clothes from staining and ruining. It also lends the saggy breasts some firmness and support as wired bra is out of question. Breasts also get very tender and sensitive during the nursing period; a nursing bra gives it the cushion and protects it from rubbing against the bra.

Types of Breast Pads

Before telling you the numerous options you get in nursing pads nowadays, it’s important to understand what you might be looking for in it. There are basically four bases to cover; firstly, the nursing pad must be comfortable as it will your second skin. Secondly, the function of the nursing pad is to absorb the milk leakage to make sure it’s porous and very well absorbent. Thirdly, a good nursing pad provides you full coverage, it must be large enough to cover a good via of the breasts, you don’t want your nursing pad to bunch up inside, making it uncomfortable and useless. Lastly the nursing pad must be contoured and not flat, your breasts are round so going for a round one for better fitting as it will cup your breasts perfectly.

There are 5 types of nursing pads that are the most popular and well-reputed among the masses.

Disposable ones

As you can guess by the name, these are for one time usage. Disposable ones are lined with a plastic film that prevents any kind of leakage, no matter how heavy.  But for a longer time, this will be bad for your breast as it will soak moisture and cause itchiness and various other problems.

Reusable ones

Reusable nursing pads are the best and most viable option if you like to wear them every day of the week. These pads are thicker, soft, cost-effective and comfortable, ideal for long time usage.

Silicone Ones

Now these pads are for your formal clothing where you can’t risk leaking breasts at all. These pads adhere to your breasts without any support from the bra; it exerts pressure on the breasts to stop any leakage instead of absorbing it.

 Hydrogel Ones

These pads are therapeutic as they also don’t prevent leakage; they provide a great deal of relief to mothers who have sore nipples. It’s like a cold compress; you put the pads in the fridge or freezer and then put them onto your breasts for relief.

Homemade ones

These nursing pads are made from things that are readily available at home. Sanitary pads, diapers, handkerchief, a piece of cloth or any other thing that is comfortable yet absorbing can be used as a DIY nursing pad.

Ending Lines   

Nursing pads are a great invention that makes the life of nursing mothers easier. It makes the mother feel more normal. These are a must buy for every nursing mother as once you experience the benefits of it, there is no turning back, trust me.