7 Simple Self-care Habits to be Happier and Healthier

7 Simple Self-care Habits to be Happier and Healthier

As the world becomes reliant on technology and convenience, people become more caught up in finishing deadlines, achieving goals, and earning money. While there is nothing wrong with doing your hustle, you might have forgotten to pause and have time for yourself. Do you even remember the last time you relaxed and thought of nothing?

Listen to what your body is telling you regarding wellness. Here are seven self-care routines to be happier and healthier.

Sleep Eight Hours a Day

Start a healthier sleeping habit by not taking any caffeine or sugary drinks as these can keep you awake at night. Gradually adjust your sleeping time to an earlier hour until you reset your body clock. Get at least eight hours of sleep to enable your brain to detoxify, repair damages in your body, and produce cytokines that boost your immune system. Avoid using gadgets before sleeping, as the light from your device may keep you awake.

Develop an Exercise Routine

Develop an exercise routine to keep your body from being stagnant. Start by moving away from your office chair every half an hour. Take a break from work by stretching, doing a bit of yoga, or dancing to your favorite beats. Exercising strengthens your muscles and activates neurotransmitters that make you focused and active throughout the day. 

You don’t need to be in the gym or to follow an elaborate exercise routine to be active and fit. Like working from home, various online workout routines are available to work your way up to a healthier body. Even before the pandemic, many pre-selling condominiums for sale in Quezon City offer open areas such as parks and meditation spots where residents can jog, stroll, do yoga, and join a few group exercises. 

Drink Eight to Twelve Glasses of Water Daily

Hydrating isn’t just for glowing glass skin. Drinking at least eight glasses of water is crucial for better brain function, blood flow, digestion, and flushing out toxins. Drink one glass of water after waking up to jumpstart your day to be productive. People often wake up dehydrated after a night’s sleep. Not rehydrating means you’ll feel unhappy and more tired throughout the day. Start drinking more water to be healthier and happier.

Get Out in Nature

Nature is proven to reduce stress and anxiety. The calming sounds of waves, birds, and rushing trees help reset your body clock, detach from the urban chaos, and recharge yourself to explore new hobbies and improve various skills. Likewise, a short getaway in the woods or beach is vital to keep you sane and happy, especially if you live in a hectic city.

Reconnect with Your Hobbies

Don’t forget to have fun! With your workload, you’ve most likely lost touch with your unfinished artwork, craft, book, or video game. Reconnect with your past-times by scheduling breaks after or between your work schedule. Taking a break from your work is vital to keep you from being overstressed and anxious about not finishing things. Allot your rest days for something that you love to do. Overwhelming yourself with work isn’t helpful for your wellness and happiness.


Besides reconnecting with your favorite hobbies, tidying up your workspace and home also helps alleviate your mood. Declutter your closet to create more elbow room in your cramped wardrobe. Sell some of your clothes online or donate them to people in need. Tidy up your desk after working so you can start your next day afresh.

Declutter your social media feeds too! Save yourself from negativity and potential triggers by unfollowing accounts that bother you, muting words and people you don’t want to see, and personalizing your notifications and timeline. 

Pamper Yourself

Show your outer body some love by pampering yourself at home. Start by showering every day with your favorite products. Develop a skincare routine to keep your face glowing and healthy. Create your own spa at home by putting bath bombs and salts in your tub. Light some scented candles or incense to set the mood. Change your pillowcase and sheets to have a clean and refreshing bedtime. 

Now more than ever, taking care of yourself is crucial. Developing a self-care routine allows you to be happy, content, and wise about what things are good or bad for you. If you don’t have a self-care routine yet, start with these seven methods and build a healthier and happier lifestyle.