Surrogacy in Greece: Update 2021

Surrogacy in Greece: Update 2021

Unlike many other countries, Greece’s surrogacy procedure carries some unique benefits to the intended parents. If you plan to become parents with your partner, this country may become a perfect pivot point. Learn more about the whole process and the money involved.

How Is Surrogacy in Greece Ongoing?

Although Greece is the place where finding a surrogate is pretty convenient, since it offers legal patronage to couples who plan to have a baby, some important pitfalls exist. First off, the country allows only altruistic surrogacy. It means that a potential surrogate mother agrees on all arrangements and procedures without add-on compensation. Secondly, Greece does not have a very affordable cost toward such things. The approximate price for all the arrangements may vary between $85K up to $100K. Such an expensive price to pay, in turn, involves all emerging fees including agency services, clinic fees, and attorney to ensure everything is legal. To avoid possible mistakes on the way to becoming parents, one should go for surrogacy in Greece with agencies like World Center of Baby will do its best to inform you about all unforeseen charges and do all legal work for future moms and dads.

At the same time, you should not be scared about the complexity of altruistic surrogacy alongside surrogacy cost Greece. Its inconvenience concerns only the other side, a potential female surrogate mother. Such a mom may only receive monetary compensation that does not exceed $12K. All the other compensations are declared as illegal, and should not emerge during the process, or there will be violations and a ban from having the surrogacy pregnancy service.

Another pitfall in Greece is that the country permits having only gestational surrogacy. It means that a female surrogate should not donate her egg. The egg donor is the future parents, hence, the baby has their genetic DNA.

What About Finding Surrogate Mother Greece for Gay Partners?

Until now, the LGBT community and partners cannot much use surrogacy services in Greece. There are many expectations put on the government which would finally approve same-sex marriage, however, there are no deadline or many negotiations. Nevertheless, you can seek other countries where being an LGBT maternal or paternal parent is possible. Again, such a service is available by using the best agencies like World Center of Baby.

What about opposite-sex couples’ requirements (men and women)? The potential mother should not be over 50 and get a document received through her doctor confirming that a woman cannot conceive a baby for health reasons. Then, a potential dad should provide his agreement to proceed with surrogacy, and agree on all expenses until the birth of a baby.

Last but not least, some of your documentation should be submitted to the Greece government. With the World Center of Baby, the whole process is carried by professionals, while you may rest assured knowing everything would be legal. Around 8 weeks are spent on receiving the decision from the government on your child surrogacy.